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Automated Vehicles

An informative and thought provoking Canadian survey and study on AV's.



Servicing Autonomous Vehicles

We all know that vehicles are more reliable, and complex.

We have come a long way from the simple mechanical car of a few decades or is it generations ago.

As vehicles become more sophisticated, and complex with higher technology content, the disposability of the vehicle increases.

With all the technology, sophistication, complexity, a lot of the under chassis requirements are a constant, tires, brakes, oil change, exhaust, suspension components...its all changed, and its still the same.

From a diagnostic perspective most vehicles have a self diagnostic functionality, all manufacturers have specific diagnostic tools for their vehicles. Its "plug it in and see what comes up on the screen".

But what will be unique about AV's...

From our perspective servicing autonomous vehicles...

  • These vehicles will be connected, and monitored 24/7.
  • Will require mandatory inspections at regular intervals.
  • Autonomous capability will be deactivated if inspection schedules are not respected.
  • The vehicle can drive itself to the service department...think about this.

The safety and liability aspect of the vehicles will enforce a servicing, inspection, maintenance schedule.

Imagine a dealer seeing a bunch of AV's show up at the service drive through, with pre scheduled appointments, and pre authorised payments. Once the inspection/service is complete. The vehicle drives itself back to the owner.

What do you think?