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Retailing and Servicing Autos

The entire retail experience is fascinating, especially that we hear more and more about customer experience (CX) as being a key factor of having loyal customers.

Think about this for a moment.

A while back when vehicles were not as reliable as today, and everyone knew that all vehicles at one time or another would have some sort of a failure. Lets also factor in that all vehicles were dramatically easier to repair. 

It was the humans in the business interacting with human customers that made all the difference, generated the CX, and upheld loyalty.

Fast forward to today...

Vehicles are extremely reliable, and more complex to repair. There is all sorts of technology to make it easier while dealing with a bunch of routine tasks.

Is the customer experience better? Is the ownership experience enduring?

Reflect on this for a few seconds.

Or is it all deal, incentive, process driven with the customer some sort of afterthought?

In the meantime the customer not to be embroyled with product issues is/has adopted a mobility model with a warranty as the interface between the dealer/manufacturer.

Where is the loyalty? Is it deal driven?

You constantly read/hear that CMS (Citizen Main Street) does countless hours of due diligence prior to acquiring a new vehicle. Simple question..."if you have to work too hard to spend money is it worth the effort?"

Does the dealer make it easier or compounds the "work too hard" for CMS to acquire a vehicle. all seems to work we have record auto sales in Canada.

What happens if the current model starts disrupting with an increased emphasis on human interactions?