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Closing A Deal

Reflect on some point a customer will interface with a touch screen and close a deal on a vehicle in a showroom. Similar to a self check out in a grocery store.

Sounds totally far fetched, considering the disparate software that is currently in most showrooms.

Imagine for a moment Watson from IBM takes over the entire showroom activity with a touch screen, and a human assistant to guide the customer along.

Totally the wall...

AV's deserve an autonomous showroom...again off the wall.

Lets look at a few points in no particular order.

  • Everyone has a consistent showroom process (or they wish they did).
  • A consistent process is like an assembly line with robots.
  • A bunch of decisions are made with the assistance of software.
  • Numerous software entities are working towards "software closing and processing a deal".

But the metal must resonate...agreed.

  • With the ever increasing popularity of utility vehicles (a box with a turbocharged 4 cylinder).
  • We all know that utility vehicles are lifestyle oriented with a brief shelf life.
  • When it comes to utility vehicles "how much must the metal resonate?"

Its absolutely far fetched, and looming on the horizon.



Customer Experience

Informative and thought provoking video from Maritz CX




Closing Deals in the Showroom

You would think that with all the technology, and information that is available closing a deal in a showroom would be simpler, easier, faster.

With the onset of the Internet, product information freely disseminated, 20 years ago you would have concluded that with time closing a deal would be easier, and faster. In 2015 its not the case...

As well with all the talk of social media, conventions, seminars, and a myriad of different offerings by a myriad of different folks closing a deal should be simpler, and easier. Everyone has a perspective, a theory, and an infallible way to close deals.

In Canada, in 2015 its not the case...go figure.

You have to conclude that "something" is not aligned between the individuals in the showroom. While looking ahead you almost have to conclude that with everyone well informed actually closing a deal will get increasingly challenging.

Which reinforces that dealers remain "horse traders" with the dealer trying to sell, and the customer also trying to sell (his trade in). While both are enabled by expedite the selling and buying interaction.

The one constant is "human nature" which has not really changed in a couple of Millenniums...we are all empowered by technology, while still remaining humans.

If customers presumably visit less than 2 dealers, the current close ratios indicate that they visit more than 2 dealers, accompanied by increased churning / spinning / near misses.

Lets not forget clarity, transparency...if its so clear and transparent "How come deals are not closing?"

Looking ahead to 2020, you have to conclude that in 2015 "something" is misaligned, folks are using the inappropriate levers, it might get worse before it gets better.

Its clear that "something" is not aligned in the showroom interface / interaction.

Its clear that showroom craftsmanship is increasingly a lost art.

How will deals be closed next year, and in 2020?

What do you think?