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Closing A Deal

Reflect on some point a customer will interface with a touch screen and close a deal on a vehicle in a showroom. Similar to a self check out in a grocery store.

Sounds totally far fetched, considering the disparate software that is currently in most showrooms.

Imagine for a moment Watson from IBM takes over the entire showroom activity with a touch screen, and a human assistant to guide the customer along.

Totally the wall...

AV's deserve an autonomous showroom...again off the wall.

Lets look at a few points in no particular order.

  • Everyone has a consistent showroom process (or they wish they did).
  • A consistent process is like an assembly line with robots.
  • A bunch of decisions are made with the assistance of software.
  • Numerous software entities are working towards "software closing and processing a deal".

But the metal must resonate...agreed.

  • With the ever increasing popularity of utility vehicles (a box with a turbocharged 4 cylinder).
  • We all know that utility vehicles are lifestyle oriented with a brief shelf life.
  • When it comes to utility vehicles "how much must the metal resonate?"

Its absolutely far fetched, and looming on the horizon.