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Matte Paint

Have you noticed the slow but perhaps inexorable proliferation of matte paint on certain model of vehicles? As well as munfacturers showing matte versions of their more exclusive models.

1949 Mercury Lead Sled in Flat Black

If you are considering a matte finish for that special unique look. A few points for your consideration.

  • Historically a flat (matte) finish was the indicator of an unfinished car.
  • Over 99% of folks still want a "shiny" vehicle.
  • Although a lead sled looks cool in flat black the look quickly dissipates on other vehicles.

You still want a matte paint and its your money.

  • Agreed...your money spend it as you wish.
  • There is a premium for a matte paint from the factory (if available).
  • Matte paint requires special care.
  • It will cost a "premium" when reselling the vehicle.
  • It will cost you money going in and getting out of a matte finish.

You still really, badly want a matte paint from the factory.

  • the vehicle.

Or you still want a matte paint, but want more options for yourself.

  • Get a matte wrap for the vehicle.