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Waxing Your Car

If you remember the days of car wax in a tin, and literally becoming a project to wax your vehicle. You are also aware of the evolution in waxes, and being easier and less time consuming to apply.

Not much fun back in the day applying, and removing a coat of wax from any vehicle. 

Lets start on the premise that the paint is in good condition, and requires additional shine for the brighter, sunnier days of late spring and the summer. Obvious that if the paint on your vehicle has a layer of "fall out" on it it will require additional cleaning prior to waxing. 

Especially if you abide by the "Zen of Washing" you surely want bright paintwork that shines.

Stoner Visible Shine is in an unassuming container, you might pass it up in you quest for a quick to apply wax.

Don't pass it up, it does an awsome job, quick to apply and remove. You will be surprised as to how fast and effortless it is to apply, and remove.

The shine...impressive.





Time To Replace Your Vehicle

At a certain point we all need to replace our current vehicle for one reason or another. Lets leave the reasons aside. So the time has come to replace the vehicle.

In our case a few months back we had to replace a vehicle on a tight schedule to make it even more interesting.

Follow you heart and emotions

You need to be satisfied with the vehicle you choose, which involves emotions, and it has to feel good.

Be attentive to your budget

We all have a budget for a vehicle, be it a price, a monthy payment, a lease payment. Ensure that the vehicle is within the level of comfort of your budget.

It must fit

It could be any vehicle, but it has to fit your lifestyle, your family, your usage, the drivers. It could be a sedan, utility, pick up, sports car...or anything else. Make sure it fits.

Your due diligence

Empowered by technology, its easy, comfortable, productive, effortless to do your due diligence, and refine your choices. Simply visit the manufacturer sites that are of interest to you. You can configure, calculate a payment, a lease, a trade in value. Visit the sites of the local dealers too.

How many choices do you need?

Its up to you, ideally the less the better. One or 2 choices is usually enough.

The metal must resonate

You saw a ton of photos and videos. If its a new vehicle or even used go walk in a dealers lot to make sure the metal resonates with you and whoever else is involved in the decision process. Often what is appealing on a screen, does not resonate in metal.