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The Disconnect

Have you ever noticed the disconnect between various popular opinions and what folks really do, the decisions they make?


In the autoblogosphere, and the entire auto business bubble there is the 10 best here, the top 5 there, the top 3 somewhere else. It works, it attracts eyeballs for a few seconds. But does it really work?

While at Strada we are always advising folks to be their own editors.

Here is the deal when it comes to vehicles

The metal must resonate with you, styling sells, the metal must tug at your heart strings. That a bunch of automotive scribes describes the virtues of a vehicle that does not resonate with you...big deal the metal must resonate.

Agreed with utility vehicles the styling is boxy from the outset, but it must still resonate.

The brand makes a difference. A Chevrolet with all the features of a Cadillac is still a Chevrolet. "You can save thousands by choosing this brand and model"...the brand is meaningless to you, the features are good, but the brand....but its a good vehicle, its one of the top 10...and so on.

How often do you see the virtues of a brand, and a specific model extolled or derided in the media. While the sales numbers provide an opposite story.

Autotainment is another contributor to a miryad of opinions and comments from a gazillion folks. Its entertaining, its fun, it provides different perspectives. Will you base your decision on autotainment? We don't think so...

We could keep on goimg, we are certain you understand that there is a disconnect, between popular opinions and what most folks do, and decide.

We always urge you to be your own editor especially in the autoblogosphere.