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Road Position

You have certainly noticed that the quality of the driving seems to deteriorate almost of a daily basis. Perhaps its understandable with most folks being preoccupied with other pressing issues. What can be more pressing whe you are driving?

Another point is an increasing lack of lets call it lane discipline on major highways. Not so much the ones used to commute and usually shorter distances. In those instances the left lane is usually "fast enough" in relation to the overall speed of the traffic.

On highways that are used to cover longer distances, and usually have 2 lanes, the road discipline is increasingly lacking by a bunch of folks.

Its not a question of how fast you can go, but more of how uniform can you hold your speed.

Here is the deal

  • Trucks travel at 105 KPH nd if one truck wants to pass another its a lengthy process.
  • The car traffic travels faster than trucks. From incrementally faster to appreciably faster.
  • Upholding your set speed on a regular cruise control, is a game of braking and resume.
  • Or scrubbing of speed with an adaptive cruise control, and at some point reacquiring the set speed.
  • It turn into a ying / yand...concertina effect which raise the level of stress.

Road Position

At one point we concluded that optimising your road position is beneficial to uphold the set speed, and not raise the stress levels.

At the same time its almost shocking how many folks have no clue of how to optimise their road position.

Similar to a race where the track position is a crucial component, and scheduling pit stops to alter the track position is an intrinsic part of the strategy.

If you are covering longer distances on a highway you should idealise your road position. Reflect on this for a moment. Agreed it sounds strange.

A few points regarding road position.

  • Ideally you want space between the vehicle you are driving, and other vehicles.
  • You want to pass trucks in the right hand lane in and efficient, and timely fashion.
  • Lingering next to a truck especially in their "blind spot" is not advisable.
  • Lingering next to a car is also not advisable.
  • Spotting a better road position for yourself, and safely reaching that position is part of driving longer distances on a highway.
  • For some reason there is no clearer road position, pull into a service center sooner. Similar to a race with a strategically placed pit stop to alter the track position.

Sounds complicated...not really.

Once you get used to driving long stretches in you own "road position" you will quickly seek your road position at all times.

Its relaxing, less stressful, and safer.



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