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Cleaning The Glass

We probably all have our routines and personal preferences on how to best clean the glass of any vehicle.

In our case, Stoner Invisible Glass has been part of the process for countless years. It does a great job, no streaks, literally cleans on the first wipe.

We all know that the side glass of a sedan is easy to do, just open the doors, on a coupe its not much more challenging. The windshield is usually a 2 side affair, do the driver side, then the passenger side.

The back glass...usually gets skipped, its not that easy to do...simple skip the back glass.

Often while cleaning glass, the wishful thinking is that if your arm would be a little longer, it would be easier and simpler.

The Stoner Reach & Clean Tool immediately solves all the glass cleaning challenges, especially for the rear glass. Agreed it might look like some other "gizmo" on the shelf where all the cleaning supplies are located, you might look at it, and perhaps pass it over.

You should really get one. We often need a longer arm, or skinnier fingers to do all the tuff to access areas of any glass on a vehicle.

Its what the Reach & Clean Tool enables you to do quickly and efficiently.


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