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Remembrance Day

We are THANKFUL to all the folks that through the years and conflicts have made sacrifices, starting with those in our family going back to WWI and WWII.




Remembrance Day

On this day we remember the guy that was in North Africa, spent time as a POW in Tunisia, Camp Florence, and Benicia Arsenal and all the other folks that through the years have served their country.

WWII - POW Camp in Tunisia 



Remembrance Day

Most folks that in one way or another were involved or participated in WWII, and they seldom talked about their experiences, and were often seeking closure from what they had experienced, seen, endured. 

From the various stories, North Africa and Tunisia was a recurring subject...

A Italian prisonner of war camp in Tunisia


POW's in Tunisia


Today we are challenged to fully comprehend the impact of being enlisted in 1939, and returning home in 1946, and everything that was experienced during those years.



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Yes...its the Vroom Room...Yes...its 11-11-11 today....

When The Colonel was a kid he remembers hearing stories of prisoner of war camps in Tunisia in 1943. A few weeks ago he uncovered this photo of a prisoner of war camp in Tunisia...on Remembrance Day its fitting to remember all the guys from years ago...and the ones from today!

A photo is worth a few thousand words...there were 250,000 prisoners of war in Tunisia in 1943 in camps similar to the photo...


If you are familiar with history, you know who the "players" were in North Africa in WWII...


On a different note....what remains of The Colonel's first car...

Back in the day a Hurst shifter with a T handle and a Sun Super Tach in a car was as cool as it gets...knowing The Colonel on serious run he would spin the 327 with a Duntov cam perilously close to 7,000 RPM...