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Good Morning!

1967 Alfa Romeo TZ2 Zagato CoupeIts Friday, on the cusp of a long week end, and the return to reality...its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, as usual we have cappuccino and biscotti...join the conversation.

In a few days it will be interesting and revealing to see how Canadian sales fared in August...what do you think? Lets keep in mind that July was very strong...

Did you ever stop to think that the entire auto industry is enabled by technology, but is powered by humans, some great and some with foibles, and wathever else come along with the "human package". Especially at the dealer level, its the humans employed by the dealer, that interact with the customers that make all the difference.

Increasingly its the human touch point...of passion, persuasion, enthusiasm that will make all the difference, and provide the final "Why".

A few years ago we were driving a pony car on surface roads going out for dinner with friends, The Colonel comments that perhaps he had reached a stage in life where getting shaken and stirred in a pony car was no longer a timely experience. Fascinating to read a few days ago some old curmudgeon of auto pundit complain that pony cars shake you up...especially that these old curmudgeons are of an age that they remember the first versions of pony cars. As well most high performance vehicles tend the be harder in one fashion or another.

Its the same with all the high performance versions of different cars from different manufacturers, as we all know all these high performance vehicle are basically a toy, more than transportation. Its the point of picking a toy that will ignite on your passions...while complementing the individual that you are...

One example: Of all the engines out there, with various positions for camshafts, valves, blowers, turbos, and so on which engine really turns on your passions?

Another example: Of all the transmissions that are available, be it automatic, dual clutch, manual, paddle shifts, and so on which one ignites your passions? Not which one you want to drive everyday.

When you really think about it could almost be a no name generic car with all the right components to ignite your passions...agreed the brand might enhance the passions and nostalgia.

A fascinating photo gallery that captures the Essence of Bonneville, and going fast. 

Our usual old race cars from the Monterey Motorsports Reunion...enjoy.

Yes...have a great Labour Day week end.




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

265 Cubic InchIts Friday, its chilly, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti join the conversation.

If you are wondering...yes The Colonel is back in total reality and up to speed...just in case you were wondering.

Think about this for a moment, back in 1955 (57 years ago) if anyone would have mentioned that the lowly by the standards of the day Chevrolet 265 cubic inch would morph a few times over, and still be around in 2012 and beyond with pushrods and only 2 valves per cylinder. 

Who knew at the time!

If you are of an age that you grew up with 265's, 283's, 327's and perhaps took a few apart and put them back together again tell us about it.

Here is a you prefer the view from the rear view mirror or the windshield? Perhaps we are all spending an inordinate amount of time in the rear view mirror.

A quick the early 1950's when Ed Cole engineered the small block 265 he did not have much to look at in the rear view mirror as a V8 for Chevrolet, yes there was the stovebolt 6. At the time he looked out the windshield, came up with a light, small V8 that fit the Chevrolet philosophy, with stamped steel rocker arms, and tubular push rods to bring oil to the roacker arms. The rest is not only history, but also the future. 

In our case 4 years ago we did a "white paper" on The New Reality, at the time we knew that everything had changed. We do not subscribe to waiting for a recovery to occur, its a New Reality.

The folks at Inside Line published an impressive photo gallery of 2012 SEMA Show.

A few days ago The Colonel did a road trip to Windsor, and yes Windsor is slowly coming back (economically) in case you were wondering. Seems The Colonel cannot drive by RM Auctions in Blenheim without stopping and taking some photos RM 2012.

Instead of old race cars, we have Drivers and Personalities take a moment, totally cool.



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Our 6th AnniversaryBig day today...its the Vroom Room, its the 6th Anniversary of our publication...come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino, biscotti, and orange juice with Perrier Jouet, join the conversation. 

If anyone 6 years ago would have told us that we would evolve, progress, and still be going strong, who knows what the response would have been at the time. In the meantime, lets see where we go as the velocity of time increasingly accelerates. While we incrementally grow this publication on a daily basis.

Yes...time is a precious commodity, with the level of passion increasing to remain ahead of the 8 ball as we say around here. We started the month of September with some nostalgia, the Strada garage, a few stories, our usual videos of content that we find interesting, and nostalgia music that captures our interest. 

Time, and being your own editor has truly caught our attention so far this year, we urge you to protect, conserve, and use your time wisely, as well as ruthlessly edit anything and everything that is published these days. There is no way that any of us can accommodate the onslaught of content. 

We remain passionate, while crafting our own direction. The Colonel is the main content generator, The Crew makes ongoing contributions.

We continue to have animated editorial discussions, and we still review vehicles. 

We prefer to review vehicles that we like, compared to just vehicles. Yes...they are all good vehicles, except that we like some more than others.

We revised the format of our publication, the photos are larger, we hopefully improved the visual presentation, while conserving our content. Its important for us that all the content from the first day is available, and our publication is searchable. 

Last week was also our 4th annivarsary of our presence on Twitter. Yes...we remember the early days of social media...what we called to "social autosphere" at the time.

Our direction for the next year(s) by now you know that we will follow our passion, continue to share our thoughts, review vehicles, and cumminate whatever catches our attention. 

Yesterday the CAW reached an agreement with Chrysler, all the blaster is a done deal. It was fascinating to read the views of pundits who for some reason entertain a stereotype opinion of union negotiations. 

If anyone is shocked that Justin Trudeau joined the race or coronation of the Liberal party leadership they must have been hiding in a secure location. Yes...we have been following Justin on Twitter for some time.

Fascinating...Overstimulated by Seth Godin

Just a bunch of old Ferrari GTO's