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Squarespace and Hurricane Sandy

Most folks probably do not know, Squarespace is our publication platform from the outset, back in 2006 when we started our publication we started with Squarespace. 

Its worked very well for us from the outset, its not free, never was, but its reasonably priced with superior service, and capabilities, it works well for us, and we have always recommended Squarespace to folks seeking a publishing platform. 

We have known for quite some time, the servers for Squarespace are in Manhattan at Peer 1.

Its seamless, its easy, we have the entire 6 years of the publication available, at all times.

Here is the deal:

In our case, we first experienced the minor effects of Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean, if you have ever been close to a hurricane situation, its memorable, and the distinguishing signs in the sky and clouds are unforgettable. Our comments varied from, its pretty late in the hurricane season, we are quite a bit south what is it doing here, to this system is huge its been affecting this area for 3 days.

In our situation in the Caribbean on the 4th day the birds were chirping early in the morning, the sun came out after an hiatus of a few days, we were on "time off" for more than a week, and purposely disconnected, its all cool. 

Knowing that the trajectory of hurricanes is unpredictable, and being impressed by the shear size of this system, we casually followed the path of Sandy heading north. Once it became clear that land fall would be in the New York City area, we knew that it would be a dramatic event with a dire aftermath, this thing was big in the Caribeans, and got bigger. 

We commented "How often will we experience the mild effects of an hurricane in the Caribeans, and home in Toronto?" 

In the meantime as Manhattan was flooded, the folks at Squarespace immediately started scrambling to maintain power to the servers, we just imagine, floods, generators running low on fuel, securing alternate generators when everyone else wants to same thing.

The folks at Squarespace made an heroic effort to keep this publication up during extreme conditions, and never relented until it was under control.

The chronology of Squarespace and Hurricane Sandy

To all the folks at Squarespace....Thank You!



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

1953 Cadillac Eldorado1953 Cadillac Eldorado Another Friday...its the Vroom Room, come in join the conversation.

Our publication has always been on Squarespace since 2006, and we have through the years recommended Squarespace to all our friends in the publication business. Its not free, but its reasonable, and the service from the folks at Squarespace is superlative.

Our publication on Squarepsace is the "anchor" of the various platforms we use. We all know that with time, there is only one constant, its change...we have an improved URL which is dramatically better than the previous URL. Yes...Squarespace made it beyond easy to get a new URL and make it work. 

We were skeptical about the dramatic increases in Canadian sales in the first 2 months of the year, and mentioned that we believed that some sales from 2011 were held case you missed our Canadian Sales for the First Quarter of 2012. April sales unequivocally confrmed our skepticism. 

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Instead of old race cars, how about some older boats...Classic the videos.

For a change....Freedom is Blogging from gapingvoid

Freedom is Blogging