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RennTech CLS 63

By now you know that turbo motors are relatively easy to tweak, and when tweaked aggressively one gets 700 HP which is a cool thing. Informative video on RennTech and the CLS63...enjoy




Did you know? We are huge fans of RENNtech! Especially the ECU's they modify for the various engines. Yes...through the years going back to when you actually changed the chips. We have installed, and enjoyed a few ECU's on a few cars. 

As you are probably aware turbo motors are hyper responsive to recalibrated ECU's while offering exceptional horsepower per dollar value. If you look at most engine modifications to generate more power. The budget guideline is usually $100. for 1 horsepower gain, on turbo engines its dramatically less per horsepower.

If you are an horsepower aficionado like us, and want to explore and enjoy an appreciable increase in horsepower in your bi turbo Mercedes-Benz V8 going from serious to epic power....we can assure you that when RENNtech recalibrates an ECU its professional...and well done.

If you have a 12 cylinder bi turbo it gets even more interesting, and

From their specs...

RENNtech ECU Upgrade CLS 63 (C218- 569HP / 624TQ for M157)

Our proprietary ECU upgrade for the Mercedes M157 engine offers significant gains in performance without sacrificing daily driver reliability

CLS 63 (W218) Stock Performance:

  • 473 HP @ 5500 RPM; 468 LB-FT @ 4800 RPM
  • * Performance numbers measured at the wheels


  • 569 HP @ 5500 RPM; 624 LB-FT @ 3800 RPM
  • * Performance numbers measured at the wheels
Price: $3,495

It seems that prices have come down from a few years ago. It works out to $ 37.50 for 1 horsepower = exceptional value. 
If you have a Mercedes-Benz with a bi-turbo engine visit