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Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has been around for a few decades. This week we are fortunate to have The Colonel hang out with us most mornings. We are going to prod The Colonel to share his thoughts on carbon fiber.

Q: Colonel, good morning almost the end of the week, and getting closer to Christmas. As usual you look refreshed and invigorated this morning.

A: Good Morning guys, the cappuccino is excellent as usual, yes the Christmas decorations are all up too.

Q: Wgat is your knowledge of carbon fiber.

A: My technical knowledge is non existent, but I know its light and strong, race cars, planes are assembled with numerous carbon fiber components.

Q: It seems to be taking time for carbon fiber to reach mainstream applications in autos.

A: Guys, think of this...a few generations ago aluminum was an exotic material, it was light and reasonably strong. Its taken a long time for aluminum to sort of make its way to mainstream autos.

Q: Aluminum engines were a rarity at one time.

A: In the mid 1960's (50 years ago) GM had an aluminum 215 cubic inch nail head engine in Buick Skylarks, ZL1's (aluminum big block) which started in Can Am cars. Agreed aluminum engines were rare for decades.

Q: Now with the Ford F 150 an aluminum body is truly in the mainstream.

A: Yes, and its encouraging to see a quantum leap in saving weight.

Q: Back to carbon seems to be taking a long time.

A: Its much easier, economical to uphold a steel process, and make the steel thinner especially for body panels.

Q: BMW is pioneering carbon fiber with the i3?

A: Yes, think of it batteries are very heavy, to compensate the structure and shell of the car is very light with carbon fiber.

Q: BMW is also pioneering a sort of mass production for carbon fiber.

A: Yes they are...its a brave new world.

Q: Do you think that carbon fiber will become widespread in autos.

A: requires additional steps, more time, not really conducive towards cost conscious mass production.




Chevrolet Racing

Alba Colon of Chevrolet and informative video.




Ferrari 330 P4

Fascinating video and comments...enjoy!




Vroom Room

Good Morning!


Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment. join the conversation, and comment, its always great to exchange thoughts. 

Have you noticed that the initial social media euphoria of a few years ago is diluting, it seems folks are tired of the "social media bubble" and no longer participate in exchanges. 

In case you missed it, we started the week with Assholes.

Think of this, are we reaching the point where safety features in a vehicle imply doing the job of the driver. We are evolving in a direction where increasingly vehicles can get themselves "out of trouble" especially that most folks do not fully grasp many of the safety features on vehicles.

They know the acronyms, they sort of have an idea of what it does, and that's it. Reminds us of the mother that was concerned with a side air bag in the door panel at the time hurting an unsecured child sleeping in the back seat. 

An interesting presentation by Brian France of NASCAR at the Wharton School of racing evelving in the digital world. Yes you can arrive at your own conclusions.

A different perspective of NASCAR from The Autoextremist. Yes...we always tell you to be your own editor and are presenting you with 2 perspectives this morning. Let us know which one resonates with you.

Wondering about this morning's photo? Agreed its huge. Its a cool way to start and plan the day with a superb view. We urge to spend a few minutes early in the day to reflect on your day.

Yes...Corvette Racing is at CTMP (Mosport) this week end.

Our usual old race cars from LeMans.




Conversation with Joey Logano 

Informative interview with Jay Leno and Joey Logano...