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Vroom Room and 9 Years

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Its 9 years that we are publishing Strada, almost seems like yesterday when we started, and a brief look in the rear view mirror its fascinating to see the myriad of events, changes both seismic and small, that have developed during those years.

Before we forget...Thank You for your support, sharing your thoughts with us, and making it fun.

By now you know that "we don't follow, we lead", as well as not being in the eyeball business, we are in the thought provoking business. We constantly urge folks to apply their intelligence, look ahead, while taking a 360 degree perspective, to push the envelope, connect dots, and be remarkable in their own way.

What do we know of the auto business as we call it? The Colonel's father was a mechanic a couple of generations ago. We did not have an auto epiphany, we grew up, evolved, earned a living with cars, and we persist in being PASSIONATE about cars, and the business surrounding cars.

The Colonel has evolved in the auto business at various levels, and positions. Yes...he is still involved in the auto business to this day. our own way on some days we remain "big kids"....playing with cars.

We surely don't have all the answers, we never did and never will, but at times we seem to have all the thought provoking questions.

What does it take to keep on going for 9 years? LOVE - PASSION that will keep us going for many years to come.

Yes...we still use the Squarespace 5 platform that has been tweaked to better enable mobile users, and the entire 9 years of content is available, and searchable. Use the search feature you might be susprised as to what you will uncover. Somedays we are surprised.

More old race cars from the Goodwood Revival-Whitsun Trophy.




Mobile Friendly

In case you did not know, how could you not know?

Strada started in 2006...yes 9 years ago; its always been on the Squarespace 5 platform.

As you can imagine 9 years ago, or going back even a few years mobile was not as prominent as it is today. Some technology that folks use today was a figment of the imagination only a few years back.

If you have a publication and/or web site you usually do your updating, editing, make new entries from a PC, and we tend to remain in the PC mode of seeing how the site/publication is viewed by visitors. Being around for 9 years the publication is constantly crawled by a variety of search engines, especially Google.

A couple of years ago, Squarespace launched version 6 of their platform. In our case migrating from 5 to 6 was not possible since we would have lost a good quantity of our content in the migration. Keeping all our content was a priority for us. We decided to remain with the Squarespace 5 platform.

Obvious that we have looked at our publication from a PC (most of the time), different versions of iPhones, and iPads. With Squarespace, and Google analytical tools we have noticed the inexorable increase in mobile traffic especially in the past year.

As you probably heard, last week Google advised that "mobile friendly" is a factor in determining search results. In addition Google will analyse your site and advise you if its mobile friendly.

Here is the deal...

Its not if you have a web site, but your site is certainly PC / laptop friendly, and probably looked a little hard to read / navigate on a smart phone, and if you used a tablet it was only marginally better.

In our case this past week end, we went from PC - Lap top - different models of iPhones - iPad to view Strada. We strongly urge you to do the same with your site, while having your family and friends share their thoughts on the ease of use on the various devices.

You have these devices, have used them for long enough, and are keenly aware of the expectations and forms usage of the different devices. Ensure that your site / publication is friendly. Agreed there are a ton of different devices but the screen resolutions are very similar.

Do keep in mind that a change here, a tweak there, often cascades into a chain reaction.

As an alternative you can wait for a conference a few months down the road to tell you that your site must be mobile friendly to optimise your SEO.





Where Is Strada Going In 2014

Usually around this time of year besides the habitual preparations for Christmas. The thought of where are we going in 2014, appears on the immediate horizon.

The simple answer is that we stay the course, we have upheld our direction for several years now. 

Lets look at a few moments of 2013:

  • We moved our editorial office around mid year.
  • The Colonel for periods of time got very busy, really busy.
  • Our reviews were not as numerous as we would have wanted during the summer.
  • We published addtional ebooks on the auto industry.
  • Our viewers and page views continued to grow organically...truly encouraging.
  • The passion burns hotter than ever.
  • Gratifying to see our thought leadership permeate the auto space.
  • We increased our visual content.

What will be our direction for 2014:

  • Yes...we will stay the course.
  • Yes...we will continue to do vehicle reviews.
  • Yes...we will continue to publish focused, provocative, informed perspectives.


As we say "Brain Power to Energise Your Automotive Experience"




Squarespace and Hurricane Sandy

Most folks probably do not know, Squarespace is our publication platform from the outset, back in 2006 when we started our publication we started with Squarespace. 

Its worked very well for us from the outset, its not free, never was, but its reasonably priced with superior service, and capabilities, it works well for us, and we have always recommended Squarespace to folks seeking a publishing platform. 

We have known for quite some time, the servers for Squarespace are in Manhattan at Peer 1.

Its seamless, its easy, we have the entire 6 years of the publication available, at all times.

Here is the deal:

In our case, we first experienced the minor effects of Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean, if you have ever been close to a hurricane situation, its memorable, and the distinguishing signs in the sky and clouds are unforgettable. Our comments varied from, its pretty late in the hurricane season, we are quite a bit south what is it doing here, to this system is huge its been affecting this area for 3 days.

In our situation in the Caribbean on the 4th day the birds were chirping early in the morning, the sun came out after an hiatus of a few days, we were on "time off" for more than a week, and purposely disconnected, its all cool. 

Knowing that the trajectory of hurricanes is unpredictable, and being impressed by the shear size of this system, we casually followed the path of Sandy heading north. Once it became clear that land fall would be in the New York City area, we knew that it would be a dramatic event with a dire aftermath, this thing was big in the Caribeans, and got bigger. 

We commented "How often will we experience the mild effects of an hurricane in the Caribeans, and home in Toronto?" 

In the meantime as Manhattan was flooded, the folks at Squarespace immediately started scrambling to maintain power to the servers, we just imagine, floods, generators running low on fuel, securing alternate generators when everyone else wants to same thing.

The folks at Squarespace made an heroic effort to keep this publication up during extreme conditions, and never relented until it was under control.

The chronology of Squarespace and Hurricane Sandy

To all the folks at Squarespace....Thank You!




The other day while reviewing some of our older entries it struck us how much content seems to just dissappear after some time. 

Many of the links we made to other content (even major publications) now lead to nowhere. 

Its not the case with our publication, all our content is easily accessible through the search our publication utility from our very first entry almost 6 years ago. 

How many entries have we made on Strada? Over 4,000 so far through the years.

How many thoughts have we shared...we surely do not keep track.

One thing is certain, its all here, it has not moved, and its easily accessible with the search feature. Try it...

Why are we reflecting on content? 

We were pondering the thought of freshening the format of Strada, we started looking at possibilities and then Squarespace developed a new version of the platform we have used from the outset. You should know that Squarespace works well for us...

Changing platforms for one reason or another has various implications, and usually alters the content, ultimately we preferred to uphold the integrity of our content, than having a new facade. If you are a regular reader you will notice that we have performed some subtle changes...hint the photos are larger.

We started with Dialogue...Ideas back in 2006 and have progressed to Thought Factory since 2010.

We started doing Reviews in 2009, they are all there, and we initiated our Wall of Reviews that has been copied a few times.

By now you get the point at Strada our content is all there!