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Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Polar BearsIts Friday, its winter, its the Vroom Room, come in enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Its always informative to read the comments from the various pundits on the automotive Super Bowl ads that we do not see in Canada. One that caught our attention was The Truth from Kia, not only is it entertaining, it conveys the underlying message that the Koreans will become players in the luxury segment. 

Have you noticed the ongoing discussion about privacy, spying, public networks, government agencies, and we can keep on going. Twenty years ago the Internet was a beautiful thing, it was young, fresh, full of idealism, and we all knew where it was going to go, or we should have known. It would have been naive then, as now to think that folks would not listen in, take a look sort of thing. From a few decades earlier the saying "Big Brother is watching..." remains valid today.

Canadian Sales

We did not expect huge sales in January, and were not dissapointed. Interesting to see the Detroit 2 (Ford-GM) take a break, while their dealers are full of inventory. In the meantime Chrysler moves along to #1. Perhaps some manufacturers thought that without incentives the market would come their way. Those that started strong will have an enduring advantage this year.

While talking of sales, the lack of inflation, and trying to answer the "what going on" question. A fascinating observation in the New York Times that caught our attention The Middle Class is Steadily Eroding Just Ask Businesses...this article incites a fascinating thought process.

On a different note, the coldest day ever in Canada at minus 63C was at Snag, Yukon.

Yesterday for us, and today for the folks in the same time zone is the opening day of the Sochi Olympics. Lets hope that hearing about the actual games, the athletes, the gold medals replaces the other stuff (being polite) that we have been hearing.

Our usual old race cars a bunch of old Porsches at Le Mans.





Audi RS7 vs Porsche Panamera Turbo

See who wins...




Reimagined 911

Enjoy Jay Leno getting a wlak around of this unique 911...




F12 vs C7 vs 911





If you are of a certain age, grew up in North America and developed into some sort of a gear head you were probably exposed to a variety of Detroit iron. Perhaps you also had encounters with the occasional Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes, Citroen, BMW, and at some point probably bumped into a Porsche 356. 

In many ways the 356 back then came across as a VW Beetle with a different body, with an air cooled 4 cylinder, in a land of push rod V8's, and DOHC (dual over head cam) European 4 cylinders. It also made the same sounds as a VW. 

With the 911's 6 cylinders still air cooled. and then 917's blowing big block Chevy Can Am cars in the weeds, Porsches certainly captured your attention in one fashion of another. In addition the 6 cylinder had a better sound.

A few decades ago The Colonel, visited one of his friends with a 911 Targa, the friend quickly exclaimed that its was a VW (back from the old 356 days)...The Colonel suggested that a ride was in order to dispel the VW analogy. 

The Colonel at the time mentioned that it was an interesting "adrenalin machine".

Suffice it to say that at the conclusion of the ride, the friend had a completely altered opinion of what a Porsche was all about, and today the friend has a Boxster as a toy.

If you remember the early Turbos with the 4 speed transmission where 3rd and 4th were OD ratios, those cars were an exilerating experience. 

If you ever got up close to a 962 and saw first hand the iconic German over engineering on the car.

Yes...there is always admiration towards cars that win races.

We could keep on going, but you surely get the idea.

The boring part today is when you go to races an see a gaggle of different color GT3's in a procession on the track.