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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Absolutely, another Friday and another Vroom Room, come in enjoy the cappuccino, biscotti, make yourself comfortable, join the cnversation. 

If you have been in this business long enough (we wonder how long that is), lets leave it at long enough, you surely remember writing sales contracts by hand, we all developed our own "handwriting" to be fast, efficient, and legible. You probably remember Liquid Paper, correction tape, carbon paper, onion skin paper...and "press hard you are making multiple copies".

You hopefully developed a penchant for specific writing instruments (pens), you surely remember the thin gold Cross pens which were the rage a few decades back, the emergence of the more substantial Montblanc pens. As you can see we have an affinity for fountain pens.

Fountain pens are timeless, similar to Blues which is timeless music. 

Some interesting Kaweco Carbon Fiber fountain pens Kaweco AC Sport

Hockey is on again, the NHL and the players association arrived at a long term agreement, after probably doing irreperable dammage to their collective brand. Remember our thoughts on Head Shots in hockey. 

We urger you to follow Chris Hadfield on Twitter @Cmr_Hadfield he posts impressive photos of earth from the International Space Station