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MV Agusta Brutale Dragster

Cool video of the new Brutale 800 Drasgter...enjoy.



1976 MV Agusta 750 America

Fascinating walk around with Jay Leno...


The 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 800





F4RR vs ZX-10R vs S1000RR

Just watch...enjoy...yes they are fast



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Yes..another Friday the last one of the month , and another Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, the usual is served.

Its a good thing that Barrett-Jackson raised money for charity, and people made an effort to make compelling purchases knowing that it was going to charity. Yes...totally a good thing.

The sale of the 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance on the flip side was an exercise in utter poor taste. Kudos to Jalopnik for taking the high road on this Pontiac. 

Another point we found interesting a few cars (usually expensive) were represented with "re stamped block" if you are familiar with collector cars think about this for a moment...its like saying "its not numbers matching, but we re stamped the block to make it seem its numbers matching". At some point the question will be "Is it real or re stamped?".

Is it an indication that the Barrett-Jackson business model is "tired" and "opaque"?

Yes...the Rolex 24 is tomorrow!

If you are an MV Agusta fan may we suggest that you spend a few minutes browsing The MV Agusta Collection.

Almost the end of the first month of the year, are you in the direction of your vision for the year? Are you on track with your resolutions? This week end besides watching the Rolex 24 is an ideal time to calibrate, and perhaps recalibrate for 2011 to achieve your visions.

The 2011 Trust Barometer

The results of RM Auctions in, yes the 300SL Gullwing did very well at 1.375 




Vro0m Ro0m

Good Morning!

Stovebolt SixCome in, its brisk outside, we have espresso (even a double if you want) and biscotti, make yourself comfortable.

Was this the week of the leaks? Although human nature wants transparency, in our brave new world of social media human nature is not very interested or perhaps even disturbed by "raw transparency". see which lessons will be learned, and the futility of human talk not emulated by the walk.

You can just imagine that all the folks involved in the various messages contained in the leaks are or should be familiar with Sun Tzu, and Von Clausewitz.

In case you missed it, we started a Christmas Gift Guide here, comprised of items that have caught our attention through the years. You will notice that most have an enduring, timeless aspect. Hopefully we can assist you in solving one of you gift challenges...yes we know, nobody has a gift challenge. 

Our friend @mavric35 will be married this Sunday (in OZ), big day, we wish him the best for many years to come! He was concerned about rain, we sent him some Sunshine a few days ago.

It does not have anything to do with cars or bikes, if you want a crisper understanding of the Canadian political landscape, we urge you to subscribe to iPolitics for succinct, and refreshing perspectives.

We often mention that time is a formidable competitor, two years ago, yes 2 years...we shared our thoughts on the emerging New Reality that would impact us all. If you have a moment browse through our thoughts of the time, they still resonate...perhaps more today than 2 years ago.

You surely know that Jimmie Johnson won his 5th consecutive Sprint Cup Championship, an incredible feat! Sadly we don't follow NASCAR the way we used to a few years back, and to think that Dale Jr. is on the same team!

If you know, or remember anything about Stovebolt Six engines, tell us about it, leave a comment.

In case you did not know, really how could you not know? We also post (yes we think you should bookmark it).

Perhaps "someone" at Honda Canada finally questioned how come everyone else was up in 2010 except Honda? How come Hyundai was ahead of Honda (mind you they both start with an H)? Perhaps "someone" even asked why Honda was trending similar to Toyota in Canada? Bottom line: someone must have asked a few questions, and perhaps even have been reading our thoughts; in November Honda and especially Acura sales went through the roof (to catch up with 2009). 

Looks like GM might just start breathing down Ford's neck.

Do we have to tell you that we were totally overjoyed that MV Agusta is now in

When F1 racing was simpler, if you remember Francois Cevert...take a