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Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Ferrari CaliforniaIts Friday, its the Vroom Room,make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Have you noticed that Chevrolet with the Camaro Z28 and Ford with the Mustang GT350 are reviving old pony car memories from 2 generations back. Yes...Chrysler stuffed the equivalent of an "old school Hemi" in their Challenger. Lets ask the question "What would you rather have a German turbo something with paddles, or a Detroit V8 something with a clutch pedal?"

What do you think "Boomers" with "Millenial" offsprings relate to most? Especially if the Boomers went to Trans Am races way back in the day.

A Ford V8 with a "flat crank" is encroaching on Ferrari territory.

What is a "flat cranK" or a "single plane crankshaft"...on a traditional V8 the crank throws are at 90 degrees which generates the tradional V8 sound. A flat crank the throws are at 180 degrees (flat) which generates the traditional Ferrari V8 sound. 

The Los Angeles Auto Show opens this week, while the traditional North American show circuit starts for another year, accompanied by some inspired product, and the usual corporate hyperbole.

The other day we were reading that a publication is offering a "backstage" walk around during press days at the Detroit Auto Show for $495 per person. First thought "Are we reading this correctly?" Second thought "A brilliant way to value the knowledge base of the publication". Third thought "Perhaps we should charge a fee for our knowledge base".

There continues to be talk by industry professionals on the lenght of auto loans, and who is offering these loans. It makes for interesting conversations. As we have been saying "free flowing money" is one element empowering auto sales in Canada.

Our usual old race cars from the Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2014...enjoy the photography.




Mustang GT vs Camaro SS

Cool episode of Head 2 Head...see who wins.



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Good Friday, its the Vroom Room, we have espresso this morning, come in join the conversation.

Safe to say that Spring is here, the snow is gone, and Sunday is Easter, and the days are getting longer.

If you are of a certain age, you evolved at a time when personal freedom, a sense of independence, was gaining momentum. The idea that "Big Brother" is always watching was contrary to the sense of freedom of the time.

The advent of the Internet promoted this idealistic perspective that we could connect far and wide with a myriad of individuals and promote a sense of a wider community...agreed 20 years ago it was idealistic thinking. That idealism spawned fertile exchanges with some smart and interesting people.

This is back in the day when folks were investing serious money upgrading from a PC that could deal with spreadsheets to a PC that was compatible with the nascent Internet, e-mail, and dial up modems. Lets not forget the cumbersome 15 inch screens. 

At the same time the idea that "Big Brother" could be watching, lurking in the background was opaquely omnipresent. 

Back in the days of "give me a real phone number, not a cellular number, give me a real e-mail address, not a Hotmail address.

Today we are constantly connected with our smart devices, with our cars, with our work, we literally go around with tracking devices to further enable "Big Brother" to watch over us.

Interesting enough we see a "padlock" in the URL bar, and think its safe, secure, and in the past few days we discover that Heartbleed is an immense security problem. You also become aware that OpenSSL is an idealistic open software that was adopted by a myriad of entities seeking inexpensive security software.

Fascinating to see the extent of "entities" that preferred to acquire an inexpensive security system (reminds you of the car alarms bleeping in mall parking lots), and the number of "entities" that took advantage of the situation to perpetuate and strengthen the notion that "Big Brother" is watching.

Keep in mind that "Big Brother" is also watching you in vehicles.

In case you missed 50 Years of Mustang with Lee Iacocca, and Birth of the Mustang...what can you say, seems like sure does.

Gotta love this Road and Track article from 1963...Corvette vs Cobra.

Stunning photography and old cars from the Tour Auto Rallye 2014...take a few moments enjoy.





Ring Brothers

Totally cool cars...look at the details...visit the Ring Brothers site.



Equus Bass 770

Interesting mashup of Camaro-Mustang-Challenger, a cool video.



The Real Thing

We caught this video from our friend Gary Smith at Dean's Garage...enjoy!




Boss 302

Jay Leno having fun with a Mustang Boss 302...



427 Cobra vs Super Snake

Totally cool a visceral 427 Cobra and a fast Mustang Super Snake with comments by Carroll Shelby...



Baja Trophy Truck

Trophy Truck vs Boss 302 Mustang vs



Drive Stories

As you have seen, this month it seems that The Colonel as momentarily opened the door to the vault, and let some nostalgia seep out. 

Lets take advantage of this unique opportunity, and ask The Colonel to share more experiences and stories.

Q- Colonel...we have heard of a drive on the Eastern Township Autoroute a few decades ago that was memorable...quite memorable. What can you tell us about it.

A- Some perspective, in a summer job while going to university I had the opportunity to work in the Eastern Townships for a few weeks, if prior to working in the Eastern Townships there was an attraction, working in Sherbrooke for 3 weeks solidified the relationship with the Eastern Townships, and the various roads. 

Q- The roads? 

A- Guys as you know, or should know Pinnacle Road is still an incredible drive to see the fall colors. Just one example.

Q- The drive we heard about had nothing to do with fall colors, we heard there were toll booths on the autoroutes at the time, something about running into a couple of Mustangs coming out of a toll booth. Care to expand?

A- That drive? This was a few decades ago...yes my trusty first car with the 327, which would do 25 MPH per 1000 RPM in third gear. 

Q- So...keep on.

A- Pulling into a toll booth, and downshifting to slow down, that Chevy had miserable brakes, I spot 2 recent model Mustangs going into the tolls. We each drop our quarter, with the Mustangs accelerating aggressively out of the toll booths. 

Q- The Mustangs accelerating aggressivley....

A- By now you know that I was probably very close, or doing the same to stay with the Mustangs.

Q- Thats it...are you being reluctant, 2 Mustangs, 1 older Chevrolet there must be more to this story.

A- After accelerating out of the tolls aggressively, these 2 Mustangs settle on a fairly fast pace which for some reason seemed to creep higher, and higher.

Q- Fast pace, creep speedo in your car.

A- That 63 Chevy never had a working speedo, just remember 25 MPH per 1000 RPM in 3rd gear (no 4 speed either), and yes the speed seemed to creep up. It was one of those crisp fall mornings where engines seem to run better with the cool (er) air. Back then you could not let a couple of Fords just run away...

Q- We conclude that those newer Fords probably had seat belts? 

A- They probably has seat belts, probably a 351 or 390, probably better tires, less worn out suspension, and certainly better brakes.

Q- Your car did not have seatbelts????

A- Seatbelts did not exist in a 1963 Chevrolet. Imagine by today's standards, no seat belt, bias belted tires that were probably T rated, and poor brakes, no crush zones, and so on....

Q- She speed is creeping up...

A- The speed is creeping up to stay with these Mustangs, they are probably trying to shake off this Chevy, and its not working, we are cruising down the Eastern Township Autoroute...

Q- How fast...

A- The Sun Super Tach on the dash was at 4, or slightly below or slightly above.

Q- Must have been a little loud in the car at 4....

A- It all smooths out, engine noise, wind noise, and so on....but that morning that 327 was lovin' every moment of that run...just beyond the cam at 3 and change, its cooler air, exhaust sound, intake sound, mechanical lifters transmitting through the copper oil pressure gauge pipe, no brakes, half worn ball joints, and tie rod ends. 

Q- Those 327 spinning at that rate, they would immdiately react to more gas pedal action.

A- Not immediate....instant.

Q- How long did it last?

A- Up to the next toll booth.

A- You could not do that today...

Q- cannot do that today, keep in mind that back then although the cars were unsafe compared to today, there was dramatically less traffic, in addition to a different social perspective.