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Be Your Own Editor - Always!

Its much easier to simply watch events, and opinions flow by during the course of any day.

While Strada we are not in the news business, or the eyeball business. We are fortunate, its our own publication, we are a niche or boutique publication, not destined for mass consumption.

We always mention that you have to be your own editor, and quickly decide if its worth your time to read, listen or watch "something". You need to be your own judge as to the content you absorb on an ongoing basis.

Here is the rant...

Lately there is "stuff" published by respectable publications that reinforces the eyeball business, and the idea of publishing stuff for the sake of publishing. Agreed...there needs to be a diversity of content to appeal to a wide spectrum of individuals, especially if its a mainstream publication. But the quality of the stuff...

You also have to wonder about the folks that generate the content. What are they thinking when they generate the "stuff" that gets published.

Let's hope that in 2016 the editors of the mainstream publications, get more stringent with themselves and raise the quality, intellectual appeal of the automotive "stuff" they publish.

Another rant...

The auto business is global, is fascinating, is complex, is hyper competitive...we could keep on going. You surely grasp what we mean. Peter DeLorenzo through the years has done an impressive job of describing the auto business at Autoextremist.

Here is the deal...a manufacturer builds a product, and they are all pretty darn good, the PR department makes products available to various segments of the "media" to raise the level of awareness. Agreed the halo models tend to garner more attention, as if everyone drives around with a "xyz 600 HP hot rod".

The same media that raises the level of awareness of the product, often for whatever reason takes a dim view of dealers, as if dealers are from another planet. The product is sold and serviced through dealers, the customer that actually puts out money for the product does it through a dealer.

When you stop and think about it, the folks that move the iron (dealers) are completely detached from the folks that talk/write about the iron and vice versa.

While everyone talks about social media...




Auto Show Media Days

Most folks do not attend the media day/s of auto shows which are held prior to the public opening.

As you can appreciate some auto shows and media days are more prominent than others, although they are all important to provide exposure and visibility for the product.

In case you did not know there are a myriad of agendas being played out by various stakeholders during the media day. There are the prominent figures from the manufacturers, the handlers, the production folks, the show organisers, the main stream media folks, and other media folks. Its a wide spectrum of media that is in attendance.

A ton of actual in person "social" activity going on, at a time of social media here are folks connecting in person, commenting, glad handing, while everyone is busy with their specific agendas.

Its a fascinating experience.

As you can appreciate with the bulk of the auto business being conducted "online" whatever is unveiled at a press day was seen "online" a few days/months prior. Customers do their due diligence online prior to making a purchase decision. You can just imagine the level of online media activity that goes on.

In most instances the unveiling that support the manufacturer specific press conference are an exercise in unveiling "deja vu" from a media perspective. Manufacturers that are keenly aware of customers doing their due diligence prior to visiting a dealer; these same manufacturers remain confused when it comes to media days at auto shows.

Interesting enough the manufacturers that actually sell more iron often do a better job than the manufacturers that are behind the 8 ball...go figure.

Will it change? What do you think? Too many folks are set in their ways, adhering to the same "media" play book.

Should it change? now the media playbook is tired, the product being unveiled is mostly a case of "deja vu", the comments during the press conferences are manufacturer specific self serving. Every manufacturer tries to convey a message that they "get it" when in most instances they stick to an old tired play book.




The Dog Days of Summer

On the last day of July, and half way down the dog days of summer, with the days already getting shorter.

What has caught our attention so far this summer in no particular order.

It seems that every manufacturer stepped on the gas this month to either uphold or perhaps try to increase sales volume. Lets see in a few days how it develops. 

Time is an increasingly precious commodity.

Your personal life and privacy is becoming another precious commodity, just like you have to be your own editor, you have to be your own guardian of your privacy.

We moved our editorial offices and are almost finished catching up with a bunch of stuff that was put aside to accomodate the move.

The race for eyeballs by the mainstream media intensifies on a daily basis. Which also increases your need to be your own editor.

For some reason the retail auto business is still stuck in the pre internet, pre social media days...or so it seems. 

For some other reason the bloom os off social media, the idealism of a few years ago has worn off, its probably normal.

Genuine, real, old fashioned, old school human interactions are acquiring several levels of importance, think about this its an emerging trend.

More important, hopefully you have taken or will take some time to enjoy your family and friends, a cold drink, an enjoyable meal, perhaps even a a few days disconnected from the "digital wire".

Yes...there is another month to go, before reality will start setting in...enjoy!




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its the last Friday of the month, its month end, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino, join the conversation.

It will be informative to see the Canadian November sales results in a few days. More of the same but still interesting.

Before we forget tomorrow is the sale of the John Staluppi Collection by RM Auctions featuring some truly iconic cars.

We came across an article that awakens a myriad of memories; an interview of Joanne Villeneuve by Norris McDonald. If you are of a certain age you have vivid memories of Gilles Villeneuve. In our case The Colonel criss crossed Gilles Villeneuve on several occasions in the pits at the famous 1976 race in Trois Rivieres.

Obvious that The Colonel was at the F1 race in Montreal in 1978 when Gilles won driving a Ferrari.

A quick rant, have you noticed how the mainstream media quickly jumps on the "news of the day" or the "flavor of the day" and subsequently tries to get more exposure, coverage, eyeballs, than what the event merits. It often becomes a case of spinning several stories around at best half a story. 

We required a laptop to replace a PC that expired a few months ago, for some reason some PC's have a longer, other a shorter, and some a mid term life expectancy. This one had a mid term life (6 years). Our decision was to replace the PC by a laptop, especially with improved routers of the past few years, a laptop is easily used around the house. As an aside The Colonel uses a PC, since he loves his music when working.

Back to the laptop, we have been Future Shop customers when it comes to PC's and laptops for over a decade, after all the online browsing, there is a tactile aspect in acquiring a laptop, more so than a PC. In the store it was informative to see folks that are comparing laptops, gathering more information on their smart device, and still not making a decision. 

Our parameters for this laptop, we have a price point, since that Office is never included, we have some performance parameters especially the memory, and absolutely require Windows 8 (the reason we postponed the purchase), not interested in a Windows 7 machine. 

The unknown was the screen size, do we get a 14, a 15, or 17 inch screen? The 14 is too small, the 17 is too big, the 15 is just right. can get dizzy with all the 15 inch offerings, obvious that any ultrabook is beyond the price budget. 

After a process of elimination, laptops require a tactile appeal to finalise the decision, including the appearance of the screen. The technical specs are secondary to the tactile appeal in the decision process. The technical specs come into play in the value for money decision. Do we need to mention that all laptop manufacturers alter CPU's to change price points, 

New consumer laptops are aupremely slick compared to work laptops, and Windows 8 has a refreshing, intuitive interface compared to all the previous versions of Windows. If you require a Laptop or PC we highly recommend that you get Windows 8...

Yes we watched the F1 race in Brasil, one of the better races of the season, after all the speculation from a myriad of pundits, Sebastien Vettel won the champioship for 2012, Ferando Alonso although dissapointed proved that tenacity will generate postive results.

Spectucalar photography of the Grossglockner Historical Grand Prix