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Dyno Teaser

From eGarage...its cool



The Real Thing

We caught this video from our friend Gary Smith at Dean's Garage...enjoy!




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Human Social NetworkIts the first Vroom Room of February, come in make yourself comfortable.

We agree with you, January just flew by, in our case it went by at warp speed, the month was over in a blink.

Do we have to tell you that the events in Egypt are a compelling indicator of the power of Social Networking, and how easy it is for folks to empower themselves. Think about it for a moment, including the political side of human nature. Informative to watch history unfold on the Social Networks, even when they are down, or the content shows the dark side of humans.

The service issue that motivated us a few days ago to share our thoughts on customer treatment, that issue was resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Fascinating when a customer knows how to approach a manufacturer how quickly it gets resolved. We would like to think that our input to the customer made a difference, we are almost...yes almost certain it did. If you have an issue and would like to share it, leave a comment or get in touch with us.

An informative interview with Mark Carney at Davos

Is this 1953 Ferrari 212 considered a barn

Canadian sales for January, "all over the place" is an apt description of the results. We did mention higher up fruits....lets see how it develops as the year progresses. Fascinating to read the various comments (covering the entire spectrum) from the pundits after 1 month of sales results....its January...its just starting out with more to come. 

Just an old race car 1965 Brawner Hawk if you are of a certain age you will remember when most teams would built their own cars for the race.

Are you of an age that you remember the Oakland Roadster Show which morphed into the Grand National Roadster Show...a sneak peek at this year's