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Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, with a week to Christmas, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Its supposed to be a softer shopping season, its not cold, there is no snow, climate change. Interesting enough wherever we have been to was a case of full on shopping, wait in line to check out...go figure.

On a philosophical note, we are running out on 2015, is it the usual where did the time go?

In our case its we managed to do this, that, complete another, deal with change, and more unexpected change. While finding time to be appreciative and thankful for 2015. We hope its the same for you.

The other day we were reading a piece on older European cars of the luxury persuasion for less than $10,000...which got us wondering why anyone would even consider writing about older luxury cars for less than 10K. Its easy to write about it, not as easy to actually own one. As we often said in Project 200K its absolutely not for everyone.

An informative article "A Look Inside VW", if you are familiar with German auto companies, its a reminder of the old school German management system, which obviously is enduring at VW.

From the Globe and Mail "Canadians should be enjoying lower prices at the gas pump given the wreckage in the oil market, BMO Nesbitt Burns says". At Strada we have been telling you for months now that oil companies prefer to see gas at $1.00 a liter...anything less does not fit with their business model.

We expect December to be a record, or near record month in Canadian sales.

CMS (Citizen Main Street) has been powering the Canadian economy for the past several years, everyone has known that CMS empowered by cheap money is powering the economy. Now it seems that everyone is concerned. Perhaps its the answer to the question "How long can it last?".

Informative charts that describe Canada,

In the meantime the Federal Reserve has finally raised the interest rate in the US by 0.0025% (quarter point) ...yes it will have ramifications in Canada.

Our usual old race cars from the 1961 Sebring 12 Hours, and impressive photo gallery from way back in the day.




Lead With Humility

A fascinating and thoughtful read, its time well spent.

Business is a vocation, and a noble vocation, provided that those engaged in it see themselves challenged “by a greater meaning in life". — Pope Francis






Powered by People

If you are in the auto business especially at the retail level in dealerships. Hopefully you have reached the conclusion that the business is powered by people.

After all the technology, the systems, the processes, the pedestrian talk. Its the people that make all the difference. We wonder how often the message is lost in the noise of technology that its the people that make all the difference.

Its mind boggling, to see countless instances of the most important aspect of the business mismanaged by managers that have presumed experience, and should know better.

Its always been the people.

Even with all the technology that deals with a myriad of routine details, its still the people.

Fascinating to see folks get lost in the noise of technology. Agreed there is a ton of "techno noise" reinforced by a ton of "social media noise" to envelop folks in a fog overlooking the relevant point that its the people that make all the difference.

Revealing to see managers hiding behind computer screens, tablets, to presumably manage their business.  

What do you think?



General Motors

If you have been involved in this business for a few decades you perhaps read "My Years with General Motors" by Alfred P. Sloan, are aware that Peter Drucker used GM as a management model, and perhaps even remember the golden years of GM. 

You probably also remember the GM of the mid 1970's and onward...

If you are a little younger, this is a succinct review of GM, and its decline...






Data Transformation

A fascinating presentation at TED...on what we know as "big data"



The Craft of Management




Change has Changed



Thought provoking presentation by Gary Hamel...



Management is about Human Beings

At one time or another you have certainly encountered writings of Peter Drucker. As we evolve towards "Social Business" this is timely, and still resonates perhaps more today than a few years ago.

Especially in the auto industry/business and especially at the dealer level where the industry/business interfaces with the customer...




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday and the first Vroom Room of 2011, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti.

We were reading a thought provoking article by Henry Mintzberg in the

A brief excerpt...

There are two basic ways to increase the price of the stock: by exploring and by exploiting. Explorer companies achieve this by doing better research, making improved products, and offering superior service. This is hard work, and it takes time. Exploiter companies have it easier: they depreciate the brand, cut investments in research, confuse the customers with bamboozle pricing, and stay as close as possible to the letter of the law while lobbying politicians to reduce its level. These behaviors can raise the price of the stock long enough for the executives to cash in their bonuses and run, as have so many in the large American companies.

Treated decently, respected by a leadership that engages itself to engage others, the people of a corporate community devote themselves to their products, their customers, their company and its strategy. They care.

It will be fascinating to see how "social business" develops and evolves this coming year...

In the same thought process...take a moment..."Kindness is Free"

The Colonel wants to go a step further and start the Officina know when folks huddle to have a "fireside chat" well this will be the Officina Chat.

If you are a gear head you must be a "bit" of a James Dean fan, cool on the set of Giant.

A fascinating story of renewal and rejuvenation in re aligning older buildings with current We are debating whether we should do a story on Chabanel...about cars not clothes.

Have you heard...HD1 is

How to be transparent? Imagine if an auto manufacturer would have a site like Patagonia's Footprint

You surely remember our Car Wars, and our subsequent Car Wars Revisited, must be a coincidence that after we mentioned the discrepancies in the numbers this time around, everyone concerned made it a point to clarify their numbers. Here is the score....Mercedes 28,065 and BMW 27,202....yes it is exciting to see folks compete, posture, blink, go "mano a mano", and whatever else comes along...its good fun.

Enjoy some old Alfa