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Canadian Sales - First Half 2015 

Our thoughts on Canadian Sales for the First Half of 2015.

Want to see photos and reviews click on the links.




CTS-V Sport vs GS350 F Sport

The 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sport vs the 2013 Lexus GS350 F Sport, great cars...see who wins.



2013 Lexus IS

A sneak peak with Jay Leno...



Lexus LF-LC




Lexus LF-A

A video is worth....enjoy!

Up the hill at Goodwood...




Vro0m Ro0m

Good Morning!

Today's Vroom RoomIts the usual Caffe Latte and Biscotti, ahead is a long week end, finally some warm weather, and to our surprise The Colonel just appeared....he seems in fine form. Come in...make yourself comfortable.

You may have missed that GM reported a profit for the first quarter of the year, on their way to an IPO to refund the money they borrowed. Whatever happened to all the shareholders of the old GM? These old shareholders are probably filed in the same folder as the old GM.

This week we are enjoying a GS450h, this car is the hidden jewel of things to come with luxury hybrids. Some cars just fly under everyone's radar screen, if it would not be a Lexus but something else most folks would be raving about this car. 

You surely heard of the teen age son of the Toronto auto writer who slammed a Porsche Turbo through a garage door with fascinating graffiti on the door. We surely don't wish such events on any one, fortunately it was a minor incident and no one was hurt. Wonder what the CarProof report will say about the repaired damages on the car? In the meantime you can read Jack Baruth's thoughts on the incident.

The Colonel has a few thoughts on what some manufacturers are doing:


  • A few days ago I saw a video from local media talking about convertibles, with cars from 35K to 200K; this video is done in a back lot somewhere with garbage dumpsters in the background. Think of this for a moment...a dealer needs "imaged" premises....need I say more!
  • We all know that controversy or shock and awe generate additional eyeballs, and comments. Guess what would happen to the porter at any dealership that would slam a car though a garage door. We all know the answer don't we...!!!
  • The one that really gets me, is the "reviewer" doing a review of a 30K vehicle, then a 40K vehicle, then a 70K, or even 100K + with the same mindset. At some point its going to "bite" manufacturers especially the ones with higher priced products.
  • With everyone in the Social Autosphere competing with everyone else for eyeballs, and considerations from the various manufacturers. Its turning into a sizable ball of grey....yes I better stop now!!!
  • One more...there is coverage, exposure, and quality coverage accompanied by quality exposure, perhaps manufacturers should start understanding the difference.


You may have missed our review of the cube...its here. Interesting that when a car captures your attention even a year later it still a cool car. 

Did you miss it? Some of our documents are published on Scribd and slideshare including the "quick overview" of our reviews. We feel that it facilitates the "transport" of information. Obvious that...if you have suggestions please let us know. 

The TTXGP had their first race at Infineon last week end, the Zero Agni won the race, yes the same folks that build the Zero electric motorcycle.

Enjoy an extensive photo gallery of the Mille Miglia...yes the one that starts and ends in Brescia.



Lexus HS250h

Its Canada, its chilly, its a Lexus, its an hybrid.

By now you know that we have a soft spot for hybrids. A while back we had an opportunity to inspect an HS250h, and we thought it was a cool car.  

This is how Lexus describes the car:

The all-new 2010 HS 250h hybrid sedan advances luxury toward a more sustainable future. As the world's first hybrid-only luxury vehicle, the groundbreaking HS 250h combines all the expected Lexus style and refinement with advanced hybrid performance, fuel efficiency and the use of plant-based interior materials.

We have an HS250h for the next few days to review. If you want to participate, you have questions, you want to share your thoughts. Leave a comment here or on Twitter @stradablog.