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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

The first Vroom Room of 2013, its Friday, come in we have cappuccino, biscotti, make yourself comfortable, join the conversation.

Heading back to reality, you have surely been reading a variety of articles, and thoughts about the housing market in Canada, and some of the flaws in the "system". Starting in 2009 its CSM (Citizen Main Street) that has powered the Canadian economy, the housing market, and valuation of homes were a contributing factor in powering the economy. 

A few months ago, the message was as blunt as a sledge hammer, and crystal clear, the Canadian consumer is "tapped out", the housing market is hovering at heights that are perilous, while Canadian companies are sitting on mountains of cash, which is reasonable course of action (are we that naive) considering global uncertainties.

Yes...Canadian companies need to start powering up the Canadian economy.

Focusing on the wrong priorities, accompanied by fear mongering will simply exacerbate the housing market, further rattle consumer confidence, and hurt auto sales in Canada. In a few days after every pundits will comment on a record or near record auto sales in Canada for 2012, what will develop in 2013? What are your thoughts? Care to leave a comment.

An opportunity to browse the catalogue for the upcoming RM Auction Arizona sale on January 18...that Cobra again.

Think about this, we have snow in Canada, we have cold, and snow storms, freezing rain, black ice, its been going on for centuries. Why is it that when we have an appreciable snow fall the media behaves as if it never happened before. Its winter, its normal to have snow and at times more snow, its totally normal to know how to deal with snow, be it to walk, shovel, drive, have fun. The entire process has been around for centuries...

Informative article from iPolitics Crisis of Confidence The Long Fall of the Middle Class.

Canadian we really have to mention that the manufacturers that were competitive during 2012 had a strong December, and a strong 2012. 

Our habitual old race car today is a fascinating profile of a Ferrari 250TR