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The Hot Rod Story

A superb video on the early days of drag racing (1965), if you are of a certain age you certainly remember going to drag races during that time. We found this video thanks to our friend at Deans Garage.

Those were the days of Schiefer dusl disc clutches that did not slip, the reason dragsters would smoke the tire the neitre lenght of the quarter mile. The "speed wrench" was the "power tool" of the day.




Skoty Chops

If you were ever fascinated by low riders...and the folks behind the low riders.



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation. 

Yes...the Geneva Auto Show is on right now...

Ever notice that many pundits share or contribute comments that are somewhat frivolous, not based on facts, and if you inject a measure of reality (facts) the comments quickly evaporate. Especially in areas of the auto business where acronyms remain popular.

The past week we hit a chord with "Acceleration of Cycle Times" as usual it flew over a lot of folks radar capacities. If you missed it, we urger you to take a look.

If you are working on a project, and browsing the Internet to gather information. Uncovering visuals that capture your imagination. You can pin the photos on Pin It to share with other folks that are working on the project, or you can use Snip It and save the "material" on your personal data system. 

Visuals and or examples are a huge time saver when working on projects that involve contributors. Back to acceleration of cycle times to speed up the project.

In case you missed it...really how could you...Innovating Automotive Retail. If you are are in the auto business its a must read.

We named the new offerings "premium economy" (luxury manufacturers inexorably climbing down the ladder). In a conversation with an individual involved in selling the new premium economy in a showroom. Our question "Are they flying off the shelves?"  Answer "No...visualised as too Japanese". A simple answer that incites reflection.

Take a look at some "road trips" from Rodder's Journal.

You surely know that Churchill, Manitoba is home to Polar Bears...take a look

We had an opportunity to see and hear Sergio Marchionne at the CIAS a few weeks ago, with most of the talk gravitating towards government grants, mini van plants, and billions of dollars. Fascinating to see Sergio presumably walk away from $700M on the table...truly fascinating, but not surprising at this stage of the game.

Our habitual old race cars from the SVRA Spring Vintage Classic at Sebring.





Road Kill Episode 19

Another episode of Road Kill with the Crusher Camaro and Super Bee...



Fatest Place on Earth - 2

It continues....



Fastest Place on Earth




Building Engines

Informative video from Terry Walters Performance on their machining capabilities, and engine building, if you are of a certain age you will notice the "old school" distributor machine to check advance curves in distributors.




Surviving Drag Week 

Drag racing very fast street driven cars, raced hard, accompanied by serious thrashing in the pits and on the side of the road to keep them running...enjoy! This is Episode 9 of Road Kill.



Old School Drag Racing

Old school drag racing at an air field with a starter using




ViVa Las Vegas

Another cool rat rod video by eGarage...