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Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, The Colonel is "Gone Fishing"....guess he's occasionally allowed to go fishing.

With all the talk about "BOOMERS" lately, from the vault Boomers. We urge you to take a moment and read the conversation from almost 8 years ago.

Its a classic Deuce Roadster.


Our usual old cars from the Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance.



Steampunk Hot Rod

A cool car and story...




1941 Willys Coupe

Informative walk around of a 1941 Willys with Jay Leno a drive in rain, slicks, no wipers, and a flat tire.






Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

What do we, more specifically The Colonel remember of the 6.3?

Back in the day a 300SEL was the top of the line version of the S Class, while the numerals on the right hand side of the trunk added increased cachet.

The 6.3 was the equivalent of an It was a serious hot rod from Stuttgart.

Those were the days when Mercedes-Benz was emerging from the vestiges of WWII, the plant in Sindelfingen was a previous airplane production facility. Especially in North America M-B needed a more forceful identity than simply diesel and 6 cylinder cars.

In typical M-B fashion the car was over engineered, with rudimentary convenience features, stiff Teutonic leather, the 4.5 V8 had morphed into the 6.3 from of the 600. With the 6.3 it was fashionable to remove the 6.3 from the trunk.

To uphold the Teutonic tradition of the day, which implied that if it was an expensive car it should cruise effortlessly at ridiculously high speeds on the autobahn. This was accomplished with a low numerical rear axle ratio, and usually a second gear start from the transmission.

Until you stopped, literally shifted the transmission to 1st gear, and throttle up it was not obvious how fast this car could accelerate. The transmission would bang through the shifts like an old school Hydra Matic in a truck.

Back in the day corrosion protection was rudimentary, and in Canada by the time these cars were 10 years old, there were serious corrosion issues, the air suspension was delicate, and the 6.3 consumed prodigious amounts of gasoline.

It was a landmark, benchmark car with superlative performance, while corroding and requiring expensive maintenance.

Here is Jay Leno driving and sharing his memories of the 6.3...






1952 MG-TD V8

A couple of old guys talking about an old MG with a Chevy V8.

Back in the day stopping was always a challenge, cooling was another challenge. You get a flavour for 3:73 gears on the highway...listen to the engine rev.






The Original Hot Rod

Must be fitting that we conclude the Dog Days of Summer on this Labour Day with the original Deuce hot rod from over 65 years ago. Jay Leno asks the questions, Bruce Myer provides the answers. Notice the column shifter and enjoy...its a cool car which is timeless.


Yes...tomorrow its back to reality.




Cool car and a fascinating thought exchange...


Hot Rod Homecoming

Totally cool...





Road Kill - Episode 11

Totally cool...



1951 Chevrolet Pick Up