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Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday on the cusp of a long week end, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

By now you are aware that Red Bull and Sebastien Vettel are "cleaning up" the competition in F1. 

Lets wish Dario Franchitti a speedy recovery.

Think about it for a moment, the assembly line is 100 years old, and created a thriving middle class in North America for many decades. You have to love all the current rationales for winding down assembly lines in Canada usually based on the valuation of the Canadian dollar

Its not the value of the Canadian dollar, there are more forces pushing assembly lines further south in North America. 

In case you missed our review of the 2014 Versa Note.

If you remember we started the year with our first ebook "Money for the Deal" back in January, with an overview of auto financial services in Canada. Its was fascinating a few days ago reading comments from GM that they are concerned about auto credit, and will lease pick ups. It sort of explains why GM that was leading for years in Canada is now in 3rd place. The astutue manufacturers in Canada are connecting all the dots.

A nostalgia moment:

When was the last time you gapped or used a dwell meter on ignition points? Think about that one for a moment, or adjusted valves with a feeler gauge. Tell us about it.

You have surely noticed the talk and comments from industry luminaries and pundits that Gen Y is not interested in cars, like their Boomer parents were a generation prior...has anyone tried driving today in a major metro area? 

Our usual old race cars Behind the Scenes at the 2013 Goodwood Revival.





The Next Normal

Fascinating and informative study by Viacom The Next Normal




Boomers and Gen Y

Have you been reading lately that Gen Y will no longer power North America to record auto sales?

You have certainly heard the social media "chatter" of the challenges Gen Y face to find meaningful full time employment.

We all know that in major metro areas going from A to B with a vehicle can become challenging, and a test of one mental fortitude. 

If we had doubts about climate change in North America, this year we are perhaps closer to becoming believers.

When Boomers were growing up during the golden age (gilded age) of North America after WWII, the automobile was the coming of age social acquisition. An automobile enabled a myriad of social interactions, compared to a bus (an example).

Lets not ponder on what you could do with an automobile on streets, and highways that were dramatically less congested than today. In addtition to the inherent "unsafety" of automotbiles a few decades ago. 

Think of this for a moment...

Gen Y's had a cell phone before they came of age (to drive).

They started driving vehicles that were safer (seat belts, air bags, ABS).

Do you remember the early days of Hotmail?

Go back a decade the Gen Y with a clunky, expensive laptop, was comparable to a kid with an iPad today.

For a Gen Y an automobile in most instances is a necessairy evil. 

For a Boomer an automobile was coming of age.

Boomers collect muscle cars, what will Gen Y collect?

As the focus on Gen Y increases, perhaps we should have a section on Gen Y's...what do you think? Share your thoughts...leave a comment.





Auto Maintenance

We hear that new vehicles are dramatically more reliable than older vehicles, that quality has improved by leaps and bounds...and a myriad of other comments all reflecting the quantum improvements in vehicles.

The other refrain is how fortunate consumers are, to have such good, and reliable vehicles available to them by all the manufacturers. 

If vehicles do not break, and are reliable, there is the real possibility that vehicle owners lose their desire and appetite for maintaining vehicles. 

Think about this for a moment...lets connect some dots.


  • We know that with increasingly reliable vehicles the desire to maintain the vehicles decreases.
  • An entire generation, accompanied by up coming generations of vehicle owners are not pre disposed to do or pay for any maintenance whatsoever.
  • Is it possible that manufacturers are "tightening" many of their policies in light of this development?
  • Many franchised dealers are experiencing an appreciable drop in service work/volume/customers.
  • The urban legend that dealer service departments are a gold it still valid?
  • Could it be that manufacturers are increasingly promoting certified pre owned since everyone in the chain needs to make money twice with the same vehicle? 


Care to share your thoughts? Leave a comment.



Managing Net Generation Workers

Informative and thought provoking...



The Car Guy

Yes..its the last day of the month, yes...January flew by...we know!

This morning The Colonel is a little "rankled" here we go...

For years we have heard about the "car guy" in auto companies / auto business, compared to the numbers guy, or the corporate guy, or the career guy, or the make the mortgage payment guy, or the write about the industry guy.

If nothing else the real car guy has at least a modicum of passion for the product and the business while actually works in the industry. 

The folks with passion for some reason instantly resonate, its a "silent language" that immediately connects. If you are a car guy with passion for some cosmic reason you immediately resonate with the other car guy (gal) the moment might last only a few seconds while leaving a lasting enduring impression.

There are still a whole bunch of car guys (gals) out there, while there are also a whole bunch of the other varieties of guys (gals).

Back in the day of the consummate car guy with passion, that we read about today as individuals with bigger than life personas. These folks would literally put their behinds on the line to achieve a goal, create a new product, start a business and so on...its the stuff of legends, and books.  

Prior to all the technology, and massive downloads of data, and analytics, the decision process was with your head, your heart, your gut...yes scary by today's perspectives. 

Now its the leadership team here, the leadership team there, data, PPT presentations, and when "yogurt happens" everyone ducks, and runs for cover. No wonder leadership is a rare and scary commodity these days.

What is really encouraging, the folks in this business that have passion, that are car guys (gals) for some reason still resonate/connect immediately the old fashioned human way person to person. Think about this for a moment after all the dust/smoke/debris clears these folks still connect and resonate same as it was decades ago.

Imagine for a moment when there is dissonance at various levels....(need we say more)...or when there is a revolving door...

For some strange reason acquiring a vehicle is still an emotional/human process, that has changed dramatically, and not changed in years. Increasingly to sell a vehicle requires an almost immediate resonance/connection....similar to when car guys (gals) resonate.

You can use your imagination here too....

Here is another rankle...

With increasing emphasis on Gen Y as the next massive wave of customers for the North American auto industry.

Simple question: Where does Gen Y come from? You got it Boomer parents. Where did Boomers come from? From parent that grew up during the Great Depression, perhaps fought in WWII....

Perhaps there is more than a subtle resonance between Gen Y and Boomers. 

Gen Y seeks that instant/immediate resonance between individuals.

Just saying....

Absolutely...share your thoughts leave a comment its always appreciated.




Tomorrow's Leaders

Its the usual a video is worth a gazillion words...a well spent 5 minutes.