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Don Garlits

If you are of a certain age you perhaps had an opportunity to see Don Garlits race from way back in the day.

This morning The Colonel is walking around, and we know that he saw Don Garlits race.

Q- Colonel Good Morning you saw Garlits race live?

A- Guys...good morning...yes at Sanair a few decades ago. Sanair back in the day was the Canadian Pomona holding the NHRA Nationals...

Q- What was it about Garlits that was so interesting?

A- You would read stories about Garlits usually months after the actual event, he would win very often, he was on the leading edge, and walked with a limp (lost a good portion of a foot in a clutch explosion).

Q- What do you remember about that Sunday at Sanair?

A- Guys it was decades ago, those were the days of towing an enclosed trailer with a pick up. As you can just imagine  Garlits was the HEADLINE, he did a couple of runs, and then lost (perhaps something happened to the car. I got the feeling that he was a sore loser, being far from home, he packed up and left.

Q- It must have been a spectacle?

A- Seeing Don Garlits getting a push start from the tow pick up in front of the stands, and then doing a run. Then getting another push start, noticing that he "tipped the can" a little harder, doing another run. Priceless moments.

Q- None of this stuff was on TV?

A- Told you it was a few decades ago.

Q- What caught your attention on the video.

A- Don Garlits is 82, his wife of 61 years passed away a few months ago. Look at his hands, see how he laps valves, adjusts valves, torques a head, spins the long T handle for the spark plugs, checks the tension on the blower belt. You see the guy come into his "zone" as he did it a gazillion times, at a gazillion strips. Even at 82 the guy still gets in the "drag racer zone".

Q- Back in the day those guys did not have much of a pit crew.

A- Not much at all, the reason the car is black, he always wore black, the grease and grime did not show as much. Think about it, drive the car, rebuild the engine, drive the car again, rebuild again.

Q- He was the first to have a rear engine dragster.

A- Yes he was...he probably figured that he would have to "tip the can" further, tune the engine to grenade level,  to keep on winning, while straddling a differential, and a blower in front of you was getting perilous.

The HEMI is 50 years old...take a look at more nostalgia.

We could keep on going...enjoy the video.



Drag Racing Basics

All you ever wanted to know about drag racing, its 1975 at the US Nationals with Chris Economaki as the commentator, if you rememnber Don Garlits with the black pick up tell us about it, if you have ever seen Shirley Muldowney race tell us about too, yes Gary Beck is Canadian and Export A's were cigarettes.

Saturday morning nostalgia...



Don's Place

If you are a drag racing aficionado...totally cool


If you thought there were no "starting line mind games" in drag racing Garlits vs



Drag Racing 

Discovered this great video on Dean's Garage, totally cool back in the day drag racing, with comments from Jungle Jim Lieberman, Shriley Muldowney, Don Garlits being pushed with the iconic Dodge pick up, push starts, bleach box, no reverse gears yet, pit action, speedwrenches....

If you remember drag from back in the truly resonates.



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

The last Friday of the month, with 5 Saturdays and Sundays, its the Vroom Room, and yes...this month has been marked with memorable, unexpected, and simply out of the ordinary events. No we are not going to list events...we are certain that you can arrive at your own list.

Goes to show how quickly, and at times completely unexpected the world around us changes, evolves, progresses, while time becomes an increasingly precious commodity...very precious.

In case you missed it, we shared our thoughts on the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet (scroll down). We were still surprised to hear The Colonel recount his experiences with Chevrolet...truly remarkable. 

Are you are of an age where you had the opportunity to see Don Garlits run? This will If you never saw Don Garlits, the article portrays a concise description of the early days of drag racing. 

As the population if the planet approaches 7 Billion in the next few days, the counter

At times we are simply taken aback by folks that posture their social media abilities, and capabilities by providing links to stuff that has not been updated in ages. Go figure...

Other times we are also taken aback by folks that should know better, and for some reason make comments that are completely unsubstantiated. You get the feeling that some folks get into "content mode" for the sake of the content...often reverbalising what someone else has said...another reasons we always urge you to be your own editor.

An example...last year we mentioned Car Wars in Last year BMW blinked in September literally concending the top position to Mercedes-Benz, for a myriad of reasons we knew that BMW was not going to blink this year (we appreciate competition in the auto business). We have mentioned that BMW is ahead of Mercedes this year, other folks are saying that Mercedes is ahead of BMW. Lets take a look at the end of September considering cars and SUV's only, not other branded vehicles, commercial trucks, or motorcycles. BMW= 22,124 Mercedes = 20,835 you conclude who is ahead....we agree BMW.

Our usual old race cars, this time from 





You see the ignition sequence, the cylinders firing, and who else than Don Garlits...enjoy!





50 Years of Drag Racing

Totally cool...just enjoy!


If you are of an age that you saw front engined dragsters run...enjoy!