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What Consumers Want

Informative...still resonates



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the 13th, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable join the conversation.

Yes...Port Dover is a busy place today!

Have you ever wondered why various various are priced the way they are, from a simple convenience item, to luxury goods? Have you ever wondered how we make purchase decisions? Have you ever wondered how many folks can make mental calculations, and arrive at a decision. Take a look at "The 11 Ways that Consumers are Hopeless at Math".

In the auto business, especially at the selling point (dealership) with time one becomes not only a student, but develops a profound understanding of human behavior. To keep these skills well honed one pays close attention to how other folks offer and sell their goods. We urge you to be attentive to how a myriad of goods are offered, at what price, and do a quick mental calculation. You might be surprised!

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Ferrari GTO, an impressive photo gallery.