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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in we have cappuccino and biscotti, make yourself comfortable. Join the conversation, leave a comment.

Before we forget we shot this photo of the 427 Cobra in November at RM Auctions. You expect that it will do 7 figures at auction, look at what it sold for in Arizona Lot 122 1967 427 Cobra Semi Competition we agree serious 7 figures for a Cobra.

The catalogue for the sale next week of the Bruce Weiner Micro Car Collection...take a moment its totally cool and fun.

Wondering what all the Super Bowl ads that we did not see in Canada were all about? As usual everyone has an opinion. Take a look at all the Super Bowl ads.

If you remember going to races at St.Eugene, tell us about it. Agreed you have to be of a certain age. From St.Eugene The Colonel remembers a VW Beetle with a Buick nailhead in he back seat powering the car.

If you remember punch cards, Fortran, computers the size of rooms, the early days of transistors. Tell us about it!

We take technology in vehicles for granted, back in the day when it was all mechanical. One of the earliest application of technology was the capacitive discharge ignition made possible by transistors. If you remember transistors replacing vacuum tubes...tell us about it.

Yes...a member of the Strada Crew who is a die hard Blackberry fan got his Z10 this past Tuesday, its a cool smart phone, refreshing to see a Blackberry without the keyboard,  it looks like an iPhone or a Galaxie. Other members of the Crew have both iPhones and Blackberry smart devices. The camera on the Z10 is totally cool.

Take a moment to peruse photos of the Packard Plant in Detroit.

Our usual old cars on ice this time from the Winter Marathon Rallye at Madonna di Campiglio.




427 Cobra

Yes...we saw this car during our last visit at RM Auctions, and heard it run...enjoy!



427 Cobra vs Super Snake

Totally cool a visceral 427 Cobra and a fast Mustang Super Snake with comments by Carroll Shelby...



Vro0m Ro0m

Good Morning!

Yes...sure is another Friday, the usual capuccino, and biscotti are served; make yourself comfortable.

Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics? Are you following the Olympics? For the first time Canada gets a few gold medals on during the Canadian Olympic. How cool is that?

We are not Halfpipe experts, have you seen Shaun White do his thing, this dude is beyond cool.

Did you watch the Daytona 500? Probably not the entire race which almost lasted all day, the end was exciting, filled with drama. We posted our thoughts just scroll down. 

You may have missed our photo gallery of the 2010 CIAS (Toronto Auto Show), take a look here. as well as the Shelby Gallery which is very cool. There are still a few days remaining to catch the show.

Is it fair to say that most folks are aware of the various acronyms for the various safety features in vehicles. Is it fair to say that most folks are clueless as to how some, if not all of these features will work if they are ever required? How many folks would invest some money to experience how a modern vehicle behaves under adverse conditions? This is a good "primer" from Michelin...Winter Driving Academy.

Its encouraging to see Toyota gain traction out of their "yogurt patch". At the same time is Toyota laying out more yogurt in front of itself? It will be interesting to see how the Congressional hearings develop next week.

Now that Dr.Z's contract has been extended for another 3 years, and Wolfgang Bernhard has joined the board and is officially in charge of Mercedes-Benz what are the chances that we will see the current "ugly over wrought styling" replaced in the next few years. Your thoughts?

At Amelia Island RM Auctions will be selling some cars from the O'Quinn Collection...take a look, there are some interesting, and very cool cars.

We saw the Bentley Mulsanne at the 2010 NAIAS (Detroit) its a car that captures your attention and imagination, take a few moments to peruse the Mulsanne. You will agree, the headlights are innovative.

Fascinating profile of Shelby Team 289 Cobra Roadster (CSX 2557).

Do you need to satisfy a Ferrari craving? Take a moment for Ferrari Classiche.