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Drag Racing Basics

All you ever wanted to know about drag racing, its 1975 at the US Nationals with Chris Economaki as the commentator, if you rememnber Don Garlits with the black pick up tell us about it, if you have ever seen Shirley Muldowney race tell us about too, yes Gary Beck is Canadian and Export A's were cigarettes.

Saturday morning nostalgia...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, the first Vroom Room of October, come in make yourself comfortable, join the conversation.

The other day we were driving north on the 404, and again it struck us that the BMW head office building could use a restyling, a freshening up. You have to wonder why no one at BMW has noticed the mismatched white panels. Quite the contrast between BMW and Honda a little farther up the road. 

If you ever wondered about honesty, The Honesty Index. Fascinating study if how folks act.

Canadian sales were up 6% last month, to end the 3rd quarter in a strong position. It is encouraging to see sales ahead of last year. As expected Honda and Toyota are making substantial gains this year, while GM finally saw a sales increase last month.

Yes...we remain "impressed" by the number of automotive videos generated by folks over the silliest stuff, and the number of folks that pick up the videos, one thing is certain "silly works" when it comes to generating momentary automotive attention (eyeballs). 

We repeat...if you did not anticipate Justin Trudeau running for the leadership of the Liberal party you were hiding under a rock somewhere. Its already interesting to see the myriad of comments and comparisons between Justin and the previous Trudeau (his father).

The beef recall, yes we bought ground beef last Friday from one of the affected retail outlets, everybody that is supposed to keep us safe behaved or almost behaved as if nothing was wrong, or very little is wrong. A floormat gets stuck in a car and its a huge thing, there is something wrong with a company that supplies beef across Canada, its almost normal. Go figure....

If you are of a certain age, you remember avidly watching motor sport events on ABC Wide World of Sports with Chris Economaki from back in the day when TV's had a tube and small screen.

Our usual old cars and great scenery from the Colorado Grand 2012.

Have a wonderful long week end and Thanksgiving with family and friends.