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Year End 2015

Approaching year end...with an eye on 2016 which will mark our 10th year of publishing Strada.

We could have the 10 of this or that, but its not our style, and if you are seeking anything in particular use the search feature and see what comes up.

The Colonel

Who is this guy? After almost 10 years some folks know who he is, other still know him has The Colonel. He remains the main guy at Strada. Yes...its a work of passion, which still burns bright.

The Business

What do we know about that auto business? Probably not enough, and perhaps too much. Is that vague enough for you. We just hope that if you are a regular reader, we have provoked your thought process on a few occasions, to make it worth your time.


We are not in the eyeball business...lets leave it at that.


We enjoy doing vehicle reviews, especially of vehicles that grasp our attention. Yes...they are all pretty darn good too.

Boutique Publication

We are a boutique publication, not for everyone, its appeals to folks that seek to be provoked, want a different perspective, an advantage.

Your Own Editor

Absolutely...there is a ton of stuff out there chasing eyeballs, and/or protecting interests, and/or promoting snake oil.


We are closet Cadillac fans, maiby not so much closet. Still waiting for Cadillac to emerge...we might just wait a long time


The Colonel has been driving a Benz for decades...lets leave it at that. Maiby not, V8, sedan, rear wheel drive.


"You have bowties flowing in your veins" referring to The Colonel.

Hot Rods

Totally cool, right stance, a bigger than smaller engine, enduring, lasting


A immense sense of freedom, a liberating, relaxing experience to go for a bike ride.

Heavy Duty Trucks

"Have you thanked a truck today?" Everything we consume was hauled by a truck at one point or another. Old school 2 cycle Detroit Diesels are very special. A Peterbilt with an aluminum hood/rivets remains cool

Pick Ups

In 2015 they are positively huge, and cool too.

Utility Vehicles

Its a station wagon from back in the day, in most cases it provides traction to 4 wheels, its the family kicker, its useful.


Its an hideous experience...while saving time. Everything is an option...


Another incresingly hideous experience...unreal, scary, frustrating especially in the GTA, or any major metro area.

Shoebox Chevy

Through the years you have heard talk about a "Shoebox Chevy" on a few occasions. Its this imaginary 2 door post 55 or 56 Chevy with 2016 performance. If you evr wondered what a shoebox Chevy would look like...take a look.


We are always thankful and appreciative for what we have, and wish the best to others.



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, yes we did get our first snow that lingered for a few days.

As we approach Christmas, with the usual time pressures, lets not forget...take a moment to share love!

A few days ago GM built the 100 M small block Chevy at the Wixom plant (where else). Think about this, 100 million small blocks in 56 years! Does it get more iconic? If you remember working on a 265, tell us about it.

We often mention that you have to be your own editor, and filter what is being disseminated. 

There is an ongoing intellectual direction that used vehicles are scarce in Canada, and that prices will go up due to the scarcity. 

Lets take a look at a few relevant facts:

> Back in 2007 (seems an eternity) there were 1.65 M new vehicles sold in Canada with a lease penetration rate of at least 40%...we all remember the high prices prior to the Canadian dollar reaching parity towards the end of 2007.

> In 2008 there were 1.64 M new vehicles sold in Canada with a dramatically reduced lease penetration due to the financial turmoil, some manufacturers on the brink of insolvency, and other manufacturers running for cover. 

> We also remember that in 2008 there were numerous new/used vehicles imported into Canada, it was a thriving activity....lets say that in 2008 there were 125,000 used vehicles imported into Canada. 

> In 2009 there were 1.46 M new vehicles sold in Canada, with a continued low leasing penetration. There continued an active importation activity from the US as the economy struggled, the Canadian dollar remained high. We can conclude that an additional 100,000 used vehicles were imported into Canada. 

> As you know several manufacturers did not change their intecctual direction on leasing, increased their new vehicle sales, upheld their leasing penetration, and are enjoying exceptional CPO results. 

> Agreed that in 2009 sale of new vehicles in Canada were down by 200,000 units, we can agree that in 2008/2009 there were 225,000 used vehicles imported, and lets say 75,000 new vehicles for a total of 300,000 vehicles. 

> The 200,000 new vehicles missing in 2009 from the previous highest sales in Canada, are easily alleviated by the vehicles that were imported into Canada. 

> We agree that there is a scarcity of lease returns compared to the golden years of 2006/2007 (returning in 2009/2010 window) which negatively impacts certain areas of the auto industry. To say that there is a scarcity of vehicles (based on the lack of lease returns) is a blanket statement which does not portray the factual reality. 

> Yes...dealers will have to earn more vehicles in their showrooms from their owners, than simply clicking the buy button on an auction site.

What do you think?

Our usual old cars..."Behind the scenes at Villa d'Este"