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McLaren 50

Supremely cool...



The Real Thing

We caught this video from our friend Gary Smith at Dean's Garage...enjoy!




Can Am Lola

An up close look at a Can Am car, from back in the day...yes Penske and driven by Mark Donahue, and a 468 cubic inch big block Chevy with monster horsepower. 

Year later the simplicity of the car is almost overwhelming.



Jim Hall and Chaparral

At times you came across a video that just resonates...its resonance is amplified!

If you are of an age that you remember Jim Hall and Chaparral cars, perhaps even saw then race in Can Am. This interview is a must, Jim at this stage in life is candid, talkative and transparent. Recounting his various relationhips, and especially the one with GM, which started with Bill Mitchell, and Frank Winchell. 

You will hear a myriad of famous names in racing, its a priceless interview. His closing remarks that even in racing, its the people that make a difference.

If you are not of an age that you remember seeing Jim Hall race, take the time, its informative. 

Why does it resonate so much? Back in the day The Colonel was memerized on a Sunday afternoon watching a duel between Jim Hall and Bruce McLaren at ZL1's in those cars making huge power, and an incredible sound.



In case you need a reminder of what the Can Am cars were all about.




Can Am Racing 

From our friend at Dean's Garage serious....very serious nostalgia and Can Am cars. if you were around back in the day the video and photo gallery will fire up the "memory bank".