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Good Morning! 

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.


Lets start with Johan de Nysschen going to Cadillac, perhaps its as good as its going to get for Cadillac in the short term. It begs the question "Is there no one at GM that has a clue how to sell/lease Cadillacs?" We have just seen the answer...they don't.

If you have had an opportunity to experience an ATS, and CTS they are impressive cars, truly capable on a global basis, and set standards on their own. The business model has been there for a few decades on how to climb up the luxury car food chain. For some reason the folks at Cadillac are in denial, and refuse to see it, and acknowledge. 

On a spreadsheet and powerpoint a CTS is worth the same money as the German rivals, in reality a CTS has to be a good deal to grasp further attention, gain more traction and momentum.

Lets hope that with de Nysschen it will go beyond going from an ATS to a QTS (could not help the sarcasm).

An overview of some routine maintenance costs on supercars, agreed our Project 200K is positively benign (sort of), even if the car does not appreciate.

Its the Indy in Toronto this week end.

Our usual old race cars from behind the scene at the LeMans Classic.




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Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.

Did you miss that GM dealers in the GTA are suing GM for the lack of sales and financial support. We have been wondering about GM's sale strategy in Canada for sometime, while going from 1st to last among the Detroit 3. We will never know the outcome of this lawsuit, although its clear that there is a communication breakdown between GM and some of its most influential long standing dealers.

Losing Pontiac in Canada was a major blow, GM Canada never grasped the gravity of losing Pontiac. With many Pontiac dealers becoming Korean dealers overnight aiding the Koreans to instantly increase their sales.

Think of Cadillac for a moment, superb world class product languishing in the market. Agreed we could keep on going ...

If you get the impression that recalls have little to even no influence on vehicle sales. Just look at GM with massive recalls while sales just keep on in the US, and submerge in Canada.

You should not be surprised that Mark Fields replaced Alan Mulally, its an orderly progression at Ford. Yes you will read a bunch of glowing reports about Mark Fields in the coming weeks and months.  

Canadian Sales:

June was another record month, with a record first half of 2014, while GM bites the dust with the Koreans breathing down its neck. A few years ago anyone telling you that the Korean would be trading paint with GM, it would have been laughable.

Pontiac dealers becoming Korean dealers...heresy, now its reality. 

Similar to real estate "Money for the Deal" powers sales and leases in Canada.

Impressive photo gallery from Goodwood...of older and newer race cars.




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Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Yes we moved last Friday, moving is disruptive, we are acquiring our momentum in our new editorial office. This new office is surrounded by nature, with a bigger parking area to accommodate our vehicles. 

Before we forget...the view from the office windows is more relaxing too.

Think about this...when people are very good at what they do they make it look simple, easy, and in its own way artistic. Do you sometimes get the feeling that today we thrive on adding layers of complexity instead of simplicity. The other day we coined a term "navigating the BS/AH". Here's a hint the B is for bull and the H is for hole, you can certainly fill in the blanks.

You have to wonder what is going on at Cadillac with "sales chiefs" flying around in the revolving door. While world class vehicles (Cadillac) are not selling as expected.

Audi winning LeMans your breath away.

Corvette Racing did quite well too coming in second in their class.

An impressive photo gallery to give you a flavour of Le Mans.





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Good Morning,

Its Friday, on the cusp of a long week end, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable. Enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.

In case you missed this week we verbalised a few concepts that have piqued our interest for a while, just scroll down.

At a time of constant congestion in major metro areas, experiencing a moment of joy with any car is a rare occasion in case you missed The On Ramp Moment simply scroll down.

Have you noticed that in the auto business many folks, and pundits are always repeating the same old over and over. Its mind boggling that repeating the same old is becoming an industry in and of itself. Its giving a conference for the folks that have made a conscious decision to come in last on how to win. We know that you prefer to be a laggard but attend our How To Win Conference so that we can make money with you.

Its like the predator that does the kill, satiating itself and then other species feed on the remains of the kill.

We all know the saying "Do you want the oats before or after they have gone through the horse?" In the auto industry the individuals that thrive on achieving a high level of success prefer the oats prior to going through the horse. 

Imagine for a moment if Mercedes-Benz this season would give 2 day conferences to its competitors on how to win in F1. Agreed...we would thing that they are naive (being polite).

Go back a few decades, imagine if Jim Hall of Chaparral, or Mark Donahue / Roger Penske gave seminars on how to build Chevrolet engines.

What do you think?

Imagine as a kid bumping into a Lipstick Red 1956 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, with dual quads, batwing air filter, wire wheels...just imagine.

Our usual old race cars from the Monaco Historic Grand Prix simply stunning photography.




Cadillac Documentary

Saturday nostalgia on Cadillac...the colour of the convertible in the opening scenes is "Aquamarine"...there is a story to an Aquamarine 1956 Cadillac convertible...for another time though.