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Year End 2015

Approaching year end...with an eye on 2016 which will mark our 10th year of publishing Strada.

We could have the 10 of this or that, but its not our style, and if you are seeking anything in particular use the search feature and see what comes up.

The Colonel

Who is this guy? After almost 10 years some folks know who he is, other still know him has The Colonel. He remains the main guy at Strada. Yes...its a work of passion, which still burns bright.

The Business

What do we know about that auto business? Probably not enough, and perhaps too much. Is that vague enough for you. We just hope that if you are a regular reader, we have provoked your thought process on a few occasions, to make it worth your time.


We are not in the eyeball business...lets leave it at that.


We enjoy doing vehicle reviews, especially of vehicles that grasp our attention. Yes...they are all pretty darn good too.

Boutique Publication

We are a boutique publication, not for everyone, its appeals to folks that seek to be provoked, want a different perspective, an advantage.

Your Own Editor

Absolutely...there is a ton of stuff out there chasing eyeballs, and/or protecting interests, and/or promoting snake oil.


We are closet Cadillac fans, maiby not so much closet. Still waiting for Cadillac to emerge...we might just wait a long time


The Colonel has been driving a Benz for decades...lets leave it at that. Maiby not, V8, sedan, rear wheel drive.


"You have bowties flowing in your veins" referring to The Colonel.

Hot Rods

Totally cool, right stance, a bigger than smaller engine, enduring, lasting


A immense sense of freedom, a liberating, relaxing experience to go for a bike ride.

Heavy Duty Trucks

"Have you thanked a truck today?" Everything we consume was hauled by a truck at one point or another. Old school 2 cycle Detroit Diesels are very special. A Peterbilt with an aluminum hood/rivets remains cool

Pick Ups

In 2015 they are positively huge, and cool too.

Utility Vehicles

Its a station wagon from back in the day, in most cases it provides traction to 4 wheels, its the family kicker, its useful.


Its an hideous experience...while saving time. Everything is an option...


Another incresingly hideous experience...unreal, scary, frustrating especially in the GTA, or any major metro area.

Shoebox Chevy

Through the years you have heard talk about a "Shoebox Chevy" on a few occasions. Its this imaginary 2 door post 55 or 56 Chevy with 2016 performance. If you evr wondered what a shoebox Chevy would look like...take a look.


We are always thankful and appreciative for what we have, and wish the best to others.



Cadillac ATS-V vs Mercedes AMG C63 S

See who wins in this episode of Head 2 Head...



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Have you noticed that when folks are in "prominent" positions they at times start believing their own "s**t" which often turns into a situation of not so good, and if you include a dollop of greediness on top it becomes even more interesting.

In Canada we have all sorts of examples of this stuff...

Ray Tanguay formerly of Toyota as the Canadian Auto Czar to attract auto business to Canada, that is a good thing, since lately its all headed south. Yes...Canada will continue to have to buy the business to keep it here.

As Cadillac "dares greatly" customers have no problem "regretting nothing" and opting for another make. Good thing the Slade is saving the day to show an increase in sales. Reminds us of a boastful press conference by some Cadillac folks at CIAS this year. Which begged the question, do they know something, or do we know something?

At times you get windows of smooth flowing traffic, a few days ago while returning the Ram pick up we hit an interesting early evening window in the flow of traffic. It just flows, everyone is on its best behavior, its a little faster too. Obvious that some folks with performance machines will attempt to take advantage of such a situation, or at least try something.

Agreed...smooth flowing traffic is an exception.

Tomorrow is the start of the Le Mans race, we are still Corvette fans, while keeping an eye for the GT-R LM.

Superlative photo gallery from the Modena Trackdays 2015 at Spa.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,


Another Garage
Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable. We have cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.


The ongoing Cadillac, and Lincoln conversation...Cadillac has been trying to garner a foothold in the luxury segment for the past decade...think about it, at least 10 years. They are great world class cars, and still in the starting blocks...go figure.

Lincoln...they have the MKC and MKX that are selling reasonably well in Canada, while they seek the true essence of a luxury car.

Imagine for a moment if Cadillac instead of showing the CT6 would have shown the replacement for the SRX.

Several years ago we concluded that utility vehicles are lifestyle vehicles, family kickers, and make a fashion statement, and fall out of fashion. We are of the opinion that folks have a different "luxury" expectation from a utility vehicle, than a car.

More forgiving towards utility luxury shortcomings.

Looking at Canadian Sales for the first quarter, its emerging that "premium economy" is superceding "luxury" for the Germans. We did say that they were engaging in a fine line. You know the saying water flows dowhill.

Looking at the big picture these folks have the top end covered, although selling less, and now are inexorably moving downstream with their product offerings.

A brilliant photo gallery from the Sebring Historic Races.




The Daring No Regrets

Another cool Cadillac video...yes its Edith Piaf singing...



Dare Greatly

A compelling Cadillac video...Dare Greatly.

With quotes from "The Man in the Arena"

Is this the "reset" moment for Cadillac?

We sure hope it is...



Cadillac Ghia

A fascinating story, and a cool car...




Luxury Cars Are They Better?

The other day we were reading an article stipulating that luxury cars are in many cases worse, than mid market cars, especially in reliability.

As you probably know The Colonel has been involved and driving what is known as luxury cars for a few decades, lets see what he has to say this morning.

Q: Colonel how did luxury cars, especially the German versions evolve through the decades.

A: Guys good morning, you are looking dapper this morning. By the early 70's North American luxury cars were known as land barges, similar to pick ups today. With a ton of conveneince features, and a ton of driving shortcomings.

Q: What got the ball rolling.

A: Car and Driver, David E. Davis, Mercedes-Benz 450SEL (W116) at the time.

Q: What was special about that car.

A: It was the opposite of the land barges, limited convenience features, at best acceptable air conditioning, no power seats, extremely slow power windows. It had a V8, good power, incredible suspension compared to the land barges, solid body, robust brakes. Extremely poor fuel economy.

Q: You could drive it all day long at elevated speeds.

A: Precisely...they were engineered to perform on the autobahn.

Q: How about maintenance.

A: German car...what do you think...they required ongoing maintenance on a regular basis. Today it would be considered obscene.

Q: The better part was how they drove and performed as a car, and how they held together.

A: Exactly, the convenience features were archaic compared to the land barges, the automatic transmissions were fragile, differential were diminutive. The radios were archaic, but the clunk of the doors, the interiors were solid, and the way they drove.

Q: We heard that back in the day 6.9 were incredible cars, and nobody wanted them as a used car.

A: Interesting that you mention 6.9, incredible car, and in many ways similar to today's cars that are full of technology. They require attention, when new everyone raves about them, when they are used you need obscenely deep pockets to keep them running. Some things never change.

Q: Today everyone raves about an S65 Coupe, which is similar to a 6.9 from a few decades back.

A: imagine for a moment an individual that pulls into an M-B dealer with an older S65 Coupe out of warranty with a few lights blinking in the dash, and requiring a brake job with worn out ceramic discs. Similar to a 6.9 from back in the day...some things never change.

Q: The repair invoice for the S65 would be obscene.

A: You can buy a new something else with the amount on the repair order. Again its does not change. In 2015 no one is interested in those experience. The reason for extended warranties, CPO, and so on the provide peace of mind.

Q: A CTS today drives very well.

A: Absolutely, the feel and drive of a CTS is impressive and world class. We were all impressed by the V Sport a few months ago.

Q: That car had a V6 with twin turbos, magnetic ride suspension, Brembo brakes, and so on.

A: There you go...its in the 6.9, S65 territory when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Does it ever drive nice...

Q: Most folks today lease, and pay more attention to the brand, than the reliability, maintenance costs of the cars.

A: Absolutely...





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Deuce with a Nailhead & Dual QuadsIts Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

What does the price of a barrel of oil have to do with the auto business?

Think of one thing, the 3rd largest auto market in Canada is Alberta, need we say much more. Oil is pervasive through the entire Canadian economy. The fact that many Canadian companies are sitting on mountains of cash, and CMS (Citizen Main Street) is well leveraged with loans. It will come back to haunt us in 2015.

A while back we shared our thoughts on Cadillac. Put it this way, even Mark Reuss who was profoundly involved with the ATS, is on the thought vector that the cars are better than the current sales figures. Go figure...someone puts together an incredible car, and someone else makes sure it does not sell all in the same company.

From Business Week...The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas.

This week you surely noticed that CMS (Citizen Main Street) in Canada is highly levereged with a variety of credit instruments, starting with mortgages. Regarding auto financce that we have been talking about for months. You have to wonder if someone from the Bank of Canada is reading our publication. Yes...we told you so.

The Deuce in the photo is a reminder of the early days of hot rodding, chopped top, steel wheels, baby moons, nailhead Buick, dual quads, even what looks like a generator, and black. It does not get much cooler.

Our old cars today...The Baillon Barn Find.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.

Its the Friday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which were subdued and for some dissappointing this year. If you start an event prematurely, start believing that everything will fly off the shelves because its market down...that's what happens.

When you start an event prematurely (the case this year) the level of expectation rises. These folks are retailing professionals/experts, relying on today only take another xx % off and spend money for the s$%t that is on the shelves. It does not impress the average consumer who does not see value from all the hype.

Are you getting the feeling that Cadillac with their move to New York is getting out of the car business? We have ongoing misgivings about the entire Cadillac adventure. In one way it sort of makes sense...if you can't sell enough of the product, get out of town go to New York, and tell the world that you are no longer in the car business. It all resonates...

Time flies...4 years ago we shared our thoughts on AMG engines as a fashion statement. This summer while experiencing a CTS V Sport the thought vector that it was a cool sophisticated car, compared to the hard core V version flashed through our thought process. Now here is AMG the fashion engine folks offering a sophisticated version of their models.

Is AMG admitting that hard core performance is good for videos, engine fashionistas, specification gurus, but perhaps not so good for sales? What do you think?

On a different note, in his day Jean Beliveau was a hockey super star, and we heard a rumor that The Colonel actually shook hands with Jean Beliveau a few years back. An informative photo gallery of Jean Beliveau.

If you are a drag racing fan you surely remember Dale Armstrong.

Canadian Sales:

Another record month, with a few incidents of trading paint while competing. Especially among the Japanese and Koreans. Fascinating to see sustained heads up competition, seeking increased market momentum, and perhaps even leaving a few bruises.

Our usual old race cars from the Old Timer Grand Prix.