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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation. The "sfogliatelles" from Naples...unfortunately they would not be fresh enough.

By now you know that we are blues fans, especially the older/classic style blues, and obvious that channel 70 Bluesville on XM is one of our favorites.

Here is the deal:

Last week we were in the Ottawa area on one of our road trips, in case you did not know Ottawa a few months ago was voted as the most boring city in Canada. On this trip we discovered Dawg 101.9 FM, give a listen to the player, for a boring city Dawg FM is very cool if you are a contemporary blues fan.

Canadian Sales:

This was the strongest July in recent history, a record month for July. As usual if a few manufacturers relax their incentives others get aggressive...some things never change. Yes...pick ups endure.

As you know we have often mentioned that the Canadian economy is riding on the back of the Canadian CMS (Citizen Main Street) from taking out loans to working for low wages, an informtive article The Pay Is Too Damn Low  with mentions to the days when the auto industry was paying good wages. Agreed we could have a long and animated discussion...but CMS is still enduring the brunt of the recovery.

You have to wonder how the tightening of mortgages will impact auto sales in the coming months an informative article CMHC Moves To Take the Steam Out of the Housing Market.

An interesting and informative article on the history of Monterey and the upcoming Pebble Beach Concour.

Our usual old race cars from Modena Track Days 2013




Tin Pan Alley

With SRV and Johnny Copeland classic blues...enjoy!



Stevie Ray Vaughan

SRV and Double Trouble at Montreux...SRV caught our attention a few decades ago, same time as when CD players and CD changers in the trunk (remember those) were starting to gather attention.



Blues and Guitars

Totally cool...enjoy... rods, shoebox Chevies, motorcycles, and blues, and more...



Albert King and SRV

In session at the CHCH studios in Hamilton in 1983...yes its 90 minutes...bookmark this page!

Hot rods, motorcycles, blues...its precious and timeless.

 By now you know that we are HUGE Albert King fans...enjoy!



Buddy Guy - Carlos Santana

Playing the T Bone Walker know the name...enjoy.

Yes we agree...nothing to do with anything with wheels, and everything with guitars and blues. 



Vro0m Ro0m

Good Morning! 

Never forget the magic of life itself.Make yourself comfortable, we have espresso this morning made with Canadian Kicking Horse coffee, very cool...want to know where to get Kickin Horse coffee...ask us. Yes...the biscotti are on the side table.

The "Dog Days of Summer", wonderful weather this week...really nice...a long week end on the horizon....then back to reality!

This week we were driving a 2011 Regal (its a cool car) and captured the moment of "Regal and Horses"

Last year we were talking about "Nothing but the Blues" directed by Martin Scorsese featuring Eric Clapton narrating/playing; take a moment to watch the The folks at TSY (The Selvedge Yard) have an informative entry on the pioneers of If you have to's a ignite passion, blues are an expression of passion.

While we are talking of passion...599XX.

"After Labor Day" usually brings fresh realities that were conveniently overlooked during the Dog Days of Summer. Get ready to become your own editor to makes sense of the various opinions on the economy, value of real estate, the housing market, the auto market, municipal elections, and perhaps even federal elections. Starting next week, there will be a massive amount of information that will require serious editing. 

We live in interesting times, if a security guard throttles up a car its all wrong. If the automotive media throttles up the same car with the pretext of testing, and evaluating its all good. If the manufacturer invites the automotive media to experience first hand the car being throttled up its all good. Just saying....and as you know why we despise burn outs, and smoky displays of horsepower influenced by testosterone.

You do remember how often we have mentioned that Canadians were trading up and trading down, that Canadians have a distinct preference for vehicles that transcend winter (not so good for fuel economy), and Canadians love a "deal". Take a look at the Scotia Bank Global Auto Report for August 2010.

With the August sales results published, as you expected auto sales in Canada remain acceptable, especially for the month of the Dog Days of Summer. 

The mid size sedan from back in the day 1956 Ford Mainline, comparable to a 4 cylinder, 6 speed automatic, mid size sedan of today. Although today's cars are safer, with more technology, and features. The simplicity of these older cars is endearing.

We had an interesting discussion on Service, and a fascinating one on Mobile Dealer.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the Goodwood Breakfast Club.