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Your Own Editor

We constantly advise you to be your own editor, at a time when anyone can publish, mainstream media is a huge blog, and everyone is chasing eyeballs for a variety of reasons.

While everyone is pressed for time, with a shorter attention span. 

There is an infinite amount of published stuff, by an immense number of individuals, on a myriad of platforms, directed towards folks that have less time and even less attention. This surely explains some of the headlines, and the importance given to insignificant events to capture the moment.

While the number of experts, analysts, pundits, disseminating pedestrian knowledge is reaching epic proportions. Perhaps its becoming its own industry. 

Have you noticed that many publications put a price on what they disseminate, if its free its genuinely pedestrian stuff, if it involves a higher level of thinking its usually premium content destined for folks that pay (subscribers). 

Its perhaps the same for the various pundits, that have their own groupings, their own points of reference, and their own group security blankets. There must be some security in numbers.

We again urge you to be your own editor.

By now you know that at Strada our content is not pedestrian, although its free, and we would like to think that we provoke your thinking...yes we do. 




Big Data 

As we get back to "reality" this morning.

Hoping that you had a wonderful summer with your family and friends, and that you are prepared to get back to the real thing.

As usual we are enjoying a few balmy days which were elusive during most the summer.

Enough pre ambles...let's get going.

Have you noticed that during a time of big data many individuals focus on the data, thinking that its the answer. We all hear data here, there, and literally all over the place, and of the various tools to better assemble big data in various formats. Dashboards becoming the favorites lately, while requiring tomorrow's data yesterday. 

Lets go back a few steps to gather some insight.

If you were around during the time when the slide rule was the order of the day. You surely remember that humans can understand a myriad if numbers and fomulas, but lacked the tools to comprehend a good quantity of numbers.

Obvious that Lotus 123 was quickly adopted by the folks that understood slide rules. It made by today's standards a modest amount of data easier to understand, and started providing a competitive advantage to companies that were proficient in understanding their numbers.

This entire process created the term "spreadsheet jockey" since one generation was more adept than another at "jockeying" spreadsheets. While focusing on numbers for the sake of the numbers.

Imagine spreadsheet jockeys, teamed up with powerpoint pilots what a powerful combination during a time of big data. Agreed you have to reflect on this for a moment.

As we get back to reality be aware that data generated by spreadsheet jockeys, and presented by powerpoint pilots is useless without a deep understanding of the customer, the business, and people.

Its the proufound understanding that makes the data come alive, become useful, provide an advantage.

During the Dog Days of Summer, we have seen more folks shuffle a bunch of data relating to the auto business for the sake of the data, that its it is scary. 




The Original Hot Rod

Must be fitting that we conclude the Dog Days of Summer on this Labour Day with the original Deuce hot rod from over 65 years ago. Jay Leno asks the questions, Bruce Myer provides the answers. Notice the column shifter and enjoy...its a cool car which is timeless.


Yes...tomorrow its back to reality.



Chevy C10 Pick Up

Totally cool 1967 Chevrolet C10 pick up resto mod...



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its the last Friday of August, and of the Dog Days of summer. Its the Vroom Room, come in enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti join the conversation, leave a comment. are probably wondering where the summer went, with our chilly weather, and now noticeably shorter days...we are wondering the same thing. The constant is that time passes by very quickly, and you control the usage of time. 

Before we forget, if you have an interest in classic cars mark the Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance held on September 13 and 14 in your calendar. From our perspective its a must attend event. 

The other day we were reading in the mainstream media a piece by folks that presumably know and understand the auto business. Although they have no clue about the craftsmanship in the showroom, that a vast number of folks are in a negative equity position on their trades, that close to 60% of new vehicles are financed over 72 months.

Fascinating how folks see points from a "vacuum" not understanding all the variables that are attached to turn the "vacuum" into reality. The best part is that mainstream media actually publishes this stuff (being polite here). need to be your own editor. There is a lot of stuff  flying around.

Have you noticed that manufacturers are increasingly exploring "infotainment" in vehicles, while local authorities are increasingly cracking down on "distracted driving". Modern vehicles have all sorts of safety features, and all sorts of distractions. 

Have you noticed when an individual often half the age of the car, engages with an old school fully mechanical car. Especially if its a high performance version. These folks experience an epiphany in dealing with a car where the driver is the "master" of the car. 

An eclectic array of old German cars from the Legends of the Autobahn in Monterey.

Have a wonderful long week end with your family and friends.