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Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable with a cappuccino and biscotti.

Agreed its been chilly this week.

Stuff that caught our attention:

"Pick Up sales have exploded due to cheap gas" - Really?

"The Canadian consumer will save billions at the pumps" - Agreed, although CMS (Citizen Main Street) will pay up all over the place to compensate for the lower dollar.

"GM had a record year in Canada in 2014" - Really, a distant 3rd behind Ford and Chrysler in Canada. Its a record alright.

"Oil might reach $40 a barrel" - Everyone in the oil business will keep on pumping the stuff to uphold cash flow.

"Self Driving, connected cars" - Its inexorably moving in that direction, although with CES this week there is some hyperbole.

"Making a dent, leaving a mark" - This week we were quickly reminded how some folks prefer to leave a mark on the world...and its not love.

As if you needed a reminder, next week is the Detroit Auto Show (NAIS)...the start of the season.

Our usual old race cars from the Old Timer Grand Prix.




December Canadian Sales

Usually December in Canada is a slower auto sales month since at some point everyone starts competing with Santa Claus.

This past December from the activity in online, radio, TV, print advertising one could sense that most if not all manufacturers were motivated to generate a strong month. Literally break from recent tradition, especially in light of several events, the price of oil being one.

December concludes 16% ahead of the previous year, the strongest December in the past 10 years with 131.4K units for the month.

Think of this...1.85 Million vehicles were never sold in Canada in any year.

From our perspective its gratifying to see all manufacturers throttle up, get hyper competitive. We had not seen such competitiveness in several years.

How do you power sales?

New Product: Its still the major part of the equation.

Incentives: They are a compelling motivator to finalise decisions.

Free Flowing Money: What can you say...2014 was a watershed year in money powering sales.

Pick Ups: The love affair continues, not the cheap gas, the enduring love affair with pick ups.

Chrysler and Ford were trading paint to who would finish as number 1 in Canada. December was the deciding month with Ford winning by a bumper.

The Koreans and Japanese have their ongoing scrap for market space.

When everyone gets competitive, the incentives are strong, the money flows, fascinating to see how much iron can be moved in Canada.

Its a beautiful thing...



Strada In 2015

We mentioned The Colonel a few times. As you know he is our publisher, editor, and "eminence grise" when it comes to all things automotive, and a few others too.

This morning The Colonel is with us enjoying a cappuccino, lets get him to share his thoughts.

Q: You look relaxed, invigorated this morning, and ready for action.

A: Guys...thank you, you also look relaxed. As you know had a wonderful Christmas, and New Year. Back into a home not just a house like last year. It was all cool. Yes...totally ready, with a touch of aggressivity.

Q: Will Strada be different in 2015?

A: You know that we stay the course, we uphold our editorial philosophy, that will not change for 2015. Its who we are, and how we see the world.

Q: Through the years you have always been subtle, perhaps you should get more pointed and controversial.

A: We have never been in the "eyeball business". We are an auto publication, and as you know have been in the auto business for a few years/decades.

Q: You keeping the Vroom Room on Friday's, do vehicle reviews, do the quarterly Canadian sales analysis, and as usual share your thoughts.

A: Precisely...nothing will change in that regard...occasionally we might get a little more pointed and opinionated...we will see how it goes.

Q: What is Vision 2020?

A: Its a new initiative for 2015, it will evolve as the year goes by...perhaps we will get increased participation from folks in the auto business. Hopefully we will provoke a thought process that inspires.

Q: Basically Strada remains a boutique publication for individuals that are seeking a provocative perspective.

A: Absolutely...I like the boutique publication description...its cool. Its essential to be disruptive, provocative, insightful...I believe that Strada has been doing this for a few years (being humble).

Q: Some years ago thought leadership was mentioned on a few occasions.

A: Thought leadership is scary stuff, with many old school guilds trying very hard to ensure their survival. As you know we don't follow we says it all.

Q: How about passion.

A: Real simple, if we would not be passionate would we be publishing? We are in out 9th year...reflect on that for a moment. Safe to say that we ooze PASSION.




Make A Dent

Spread a bit of love, understanding, compassion, humility...

Tell your friends to do the same...

We might just make the world a better place...

We urge you to give it a try, we will in 2015...



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Yes...its the first Vroom Room of 2015.

If you remember last year we started the year with our inquiry on "assholes" and the increasing propensity of assholes in the world.

The other day we were thinking that if everyone made an effort to make a small dent in the universe, spreading a bit of love, a bit of understanding, multiplying this by a few billion people we will make the world a better place in 2015.

We hope that you will make an effort to make your own "dent" in the world, and that you will influence those around you to also make a dent.

Say what you will, its idealistic, its naive, its wishful thinking...

If we all make an effort to make a dent in the world, spread a little love, a little understanding, we will make the world a better place for everyone.

Are we going soft or mushy for 2015? Not at all, especially The Colonel, but we all need a better world in 2015.

The best exhaust sound is the rumble of your own car with the V8, the 4 speed, and pre catalytic converter exhaust fumes. On newer cars the exhaust sound is "tuned". Similar to that old V8 when you sweated over the lenght of the pipes, the diameter of the pipes, the location of the mufflers, and installing a balance line to minimise the restriction of longer pipes.

Have you noticed all the talk about cheaper oil, and cheaper gas at the pumps. If you live in Canada the other thing that has gone down is the value of the Canadian dollar. If you have gone to the grocery store in the past few days, you have surely noticed that with a lower dollar prices for food quickly use up a portion of the savings at the pump.

CMS (Citizen Main Street) is at the same place save $10 at the pump, spend an extra $10 for food at the grocery store.

Our usual old race cars Goodwood 2014 Top 25 Cars of Interest.