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Month End

Its month end on a Monday, and after a long Thanksgiving week end in the US.

Ever wonder how "month ends" develop in dealerships? Especially with new vehicle sales, and deliveries.

You would think that its just another day, in another month, marking the end of the month, which it is.

Be assured that "someone" is looking at the dealership monthly performance and financial statement for that particular month.

The conversation might go "Close all the outstanding work orders in the service department, we need a strong month to make up for that xyz that you guys wanted"...."Don't forget to monitor the aging of the warranty claims".

In many instances manufacturers are scrambling for deliveries (sales) and embark on a chain of phone calls to their dealers trying to unearth additional deliveries for the month.

For years customers have known that dealers will instinctively get more aggressive to close deals in the second half of the month, and especially during the last week of the month. As you can appreciate whichever customer lands on the deal that will trigger the monthly new vehicle bonus. Yes...the manufacturer to dealer bonus that is not advertised, publicised, made public. That particular deal will be better for the customer than the dealer...just to make sure.

A few days prior to month end the conversation might go like this "We are short xx units to hit our target and bonus for the month"...."Let's make sure we hit our target, and get our bonus money".

Astute dealers know that month end starts on the first day of the month, and will scan the horizon for the following month towards the middle of the previous month.

The very successful dealers know that they achieve results interacting with people, being in the people business through cars.





A match of 2 fast and ugly vehicles...see who wins.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its also Black Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation, leave a comment.

The other day we again reinforced our position that you have to be your own editor at a time when many are in the eyeball business for the sake of attracting fleeting eyeballs for a few seconds.

Almost month end, we expect a strong November in Canada to uphold the 2015 trend, set new records and more important a new Canadian "mobility" model. While everyone compares percentage increases, month to month, and the exploding sales of trucks.

With the ever decreasing value of the CDN dollar, exporting used vehicles is helpful to many dealers. Its a perfect storm of mobility and ease of disposal of trade ins. Think about this for a moment.

You have to love it when CMS (Citizen Main Street) is increasingly moving towards utility vehicles. While Canadian auto pundits pick a station wagon as a category winner.

Or talking about "utility" vehicles, and which one was the first. From our perspective the first was the Suburban literally 80 years ago.

Perhaps we are repetitive in constantly wondering why deals are more challengin to close in 2015, than last year, and might be even more challenging to close in 2016.

From Humans are Underrated "A better strategy is to ask, What are the activities that we humans, driven by our deepest nature or by the realities of daily life, will simply insist be performed by other humans, even if computers could do them?"

Our usual old race cars from the SVRA Nationals.




Chevrolet Impala

You constantly hear the term "muscle car" referring to a myriad of different cars usually with a dose of horsepower. This video will refresh your memory about what the original muscle cars were all about. Big motor, big body, tach on the steering column, huge shift lever, dog dish hub caps, no chrome, abbreviated exhaust system.

Yes...and the right stance to immediately convey the message.




Mustang Espionage

From the Ring Brothers get a walk around with Jay Leno...a stunning car with a carbon fiber body.






Its The Experience

A thought provoking read...




Falconer Dodici

From the guy that built the Blastolene Pissed Off Pete...Randy Grubb.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, The Colonel is "Gone Fishing"....guess he's occasionally allowed to go fishing.

With all the talk about "BOOMERS" lately, from the vault Boomers. We urge you to take a moment and read the conversation from almost 8 years ago.

Its a classic Deuce Roadster.


Our usual old cars from the Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance.



Are You Tired of the Internet?

Perhaps like us you are weary of most folks that are still talking about the Internet as if its a novelty especially for the auto business.

Twenty years ago the Internet was a novelty, e-mail was a strange medium, digital cameras were new and somewhat clunky. Our thoughts from 9 years ago that still resonate

Back in the day when a dial up modem was the only way to access the Internet, everyone was waiting for the advent of "broadband" to enable livelier web sites and video. Broadband has been around for 10 years if not longer.

Lets not even go to social media, which again has been around for over 5 years.

You have to wonder...Why are there still a ton of folks talking about this as if its a novelty that emerged a few days ago.

All the product information is online, no kidding we knew that 20 years ago for the auto business. Most folks do their due diligence online, find used vehicles online, have shifted from PC's to mobile devices.

We could keep on going and surely know what we are conveying,

If you are in the auto business and an individual brings up the Internet, be cautious, that individual is literally behind the times, is trying to sell you something, and is absolutely missing the current and more important future reality.




How a Driverless Car Sees the Road

If you ever wondered, Chris Urmson of Google provides fascinating answers.