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Auto Show Media Days

Most folks do not attend the media day/s of auto shows which are held prior to the public opening.

As you can appreciate some auto shows and media days are more prominent than others, although they are all important to provide exposure and visibility for the product.

In case you did not know there are a myriad of agendas being played out by various stakeholders during the media day. There are the prominent figures from the manufacturers, the handlers, the production folks, the show organisers, the main stream media folks, and other media folks. Its a wide spectrum of media that is in attendance.

A ton of actual in person "social" activity going on, at a time of social media here are folks connecting in person, commenting, glad handing, while everyone is busy with their specific agendas.

Its a fascinating experience.

As you can appreciate with the bulk of the auto business being conducted "online" whatever is unveiled at a press day was seen "online" a few days/months prior. Customers do their due diligence online prior to making a purchase decision. You can just imagine the level of online media activity that goes on.

In most instances the unveiling that support the manufacturer specific press conference are an exercise in unveiling "deja vu" from a media perspective. Manufacturers that are keenly aware of customers doing their due diligence prior to visiting a dealer; these same manufacturers remain confused when it comes to media days at auto shows.

Interesting enough the manufacturers that actually sell more iron often do a better job than the manufacturers that are behind the 8 ball...go figure.

Will it change? What do you think? Too many folks are set in their ways, adhering to the same "media" play book.

Should it change? now the media playbook is tired, the product being unveiled is mostly a case of "deja vu", the comments during the press conferences are manufacturer specific self serving. Every manufacturer tries to convey a message that they "get it" when in most instances they stick to an old tired play book.




Moto Borgatoro

Cool video...enjoy




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its a Z06Its Friday the 13, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti.

Yes its frigid this morning...still winter.

Are you like us, noticing that time is increasingly a rarer commodity. Its always been scarce, but lately is truly rare.

Do you have the feeling that there is a level of price comfort for the oil companies when gas is at $1.00 a liter.

Yesterday we were at the media day for the Toronto Auto Show - CIAS.

Some of our observations in no particular order.

  • The word "innovation" was mentioned a gazillion times by everybody and anybody.
  • Everyone had a record year, we know at 1.85M units in 2014 it was a good year for everyone, being reminded of it at every conference quickly becomes "deja vu".
  • Everyone is the this or that in the Canadian market.
  • All the PR folks and handlers are very busy dealing with the news oriented media.
  • As expected the Ford F150 is the truck of the year, while the Subaru Lagacy is the car of the year.
  • The show organisers do a great job for media day.
  • Increasingly "autnomous" is part of the conversation by several manufacturers.
  • Ford set the benchmark first thing in the morning with the GT that will be assembled by Multimatic in Markham.
  • For some manufacturers "passion" remains an unknown.
  • Good thing new models overcome the lack of passion to generate sales.
  • Yes...the other word is "urbanisation" which gains new meaning in downtown Toronto which is still a condo construction zone. 
  • There is a cool Canadian factor about the Kia all white display.
  • The suits that work for manufacturers have crossed the shark and espoused the Grammy fashion look. Which begs the question "Would you buy/lease and XYZ from someone dressed like that, with such an haircut?"
  • Why Cadillac never built the have to wonder.
  • Before we forget our photo gallery of CIAS on Flickr

A fascinating photo gallery from the Salon Retromobile.




Cadillac Ghia

A fascinating story, and a cool car...




Showroom Craftsmanship

You still need craftsmanship in the showroom...