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F1 Australia 

We often mention Twitter Moments, again this year our friend @mavric35 goes for a pit walk for the 2011 F1 race in Melbourne, takes photos, and shares his



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

The last Friday of the month, come in make yourself comfortable, this morning we have espresso, and biscotti. 

On Monday March 28 we will make you aware of a unique 72 hour offer with oozing with value for you, or your family, or your friends. Here is a hint...great offer on a Mazda 2 from Achilles Mazda.

We observed at the start of the 12 Hours of Sebring, the Pugs looked fast from the get go, and they were! While the BMW's sent a clear message from the outset in the GT class. Would have been nice to see Corvette win, but a 3-4 finish behind the BMW's is palatable for the time being. The race results, and some great

In case you missed this video on the Corvette racing engine, notice the intake restrictors (28mm)

Informative first impression article on the Fisker Karma

The other day we were reading from an auto pundit, their thoughts that they drive a boring car, yes one of those that is usually considered some sort of appliance. Which got us thinking, if one is a true aficionado/gear head/passionate how can you drive an appliance? 

From our perspective, you always need a vehicle that ignites the passion, even in our climate, or is it that we always had vehicles that ignite our passions, and when a vehicle is not enough, there are motorcycles to stimulate the adrenalin. At the same time, it takes a wide spectrum of individuals to make it interesting, and at times a fascinating automotive experience. 

In our case we make it a point to drive vehicles that keep our passions alive!

Our habitual old cars from the Launch Day of the 2011 Goodwood Festival of  



Barry Sheene

Perhaps you have heard of Barry Sheene, and even the stories of him with James Hunt.

Cool trailer of a movie on the life, times, exploits of Barry Sheene....



When It Happens

Informative example of dealing with "crisis situations"...




600 SEL

In 1991 Mercedes-Benz introduced as a 1992 model the replacement to the venerable 126 version of the S Class. Yes...agreed by then the 126 was iconic. The replacement was the 140 version, it was bigger, supremely sophisticated, more expensive, and launched during challenging economic times in North America. Accompanied by a challenging world with incidences of belligerence in the same areas as today (some things never change).

The 140 embodied the latest Teutonic thinking in what a luxury sedan should be, with increased features, accompanied by emerging electronics, telematics and a new 12 cylinder version a first. The economic landscape is dire, the customers are concerned, and here is an over the top 12 cylinder Benz. 

In addition to having upstart Japanese luxury cars emerging on the market for tens of thousands less. While making claims of extreme reliability, and supreme customer service. The Japanese at the time had the Germans in their sights.

The 600 SEL (12 cylinder) was a serious amount of money, and to uphold the Teutonic tradition, its complex, and even more complex, as an example most of the engine controls were doubled (as if it was 2x6 cylinders). As is usually the case the diagnostic computers not available yet. You can quickly imagine the challenges in dealing with "electronic issues" of the early 140's compared to a 126. Think of this, what was complex back then, is perfectly normal, and available of most cars today.

The 6 cylinder version of the 140 had a 5 speed automatic (you needed an extra gear just to get the mass rolling), the top of the line V8 (500 SEL) was reasonably quick as expected. Yes...the imagination would wonder what a 12 cylinder would do?

At some point the opportunity presents itself to experience a 600 SEL, which is the same size as a 500 SEL, its big, its heavy, its cumbersome for city driving, and parking lot navigating. Although there is defenite cool, accompanied by a serious FYF. On the highway which is the ideal medium, if a 500 had power, if a 6.9 was impressive. A quick aside, a 12 cylinders delivers power in a smoother, more fluid, elegant fashion than an 8 cylinder. 

Yes...20 years ago throttling up a 600 SEL was an experience like no other, the speedometer needle would simply ramp up, and keep on ramping up, and keep on ramping up some more. If you want a sedan with sophisticated waftability you get a 12 cylinder. 

The folks that had an opportunity to experience a 600 SEL on a German autobahn were spellbound, by the performance and composure of the car. 

You could chip (back in the day you had to replace the chips) the ECU's of the 600 SEL which generated an appreciable horsepower increase, for a level of power that could/would crush most other sedans. These cars would start in 2nd gear (a long standing tradition), a tweaked 12 cylinder purposely starting in 1st gear was a serious muscle car.

What happened to used 600 SEL's...same history, the second owner does not have the resources of the first, and so on...

Why a 12 cylinder?

You surely don't need one.....but as serious gearheads have mentioned through the years, at some point one needs to own and experience a 12 cylinder sedan.