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The New Polymer $100

Informative video on the upcoming polymer money...



Canadian Sales - First Half 2011

Our thoughts of Canadian Sales for the first half of 2011...



Customer Loyalty

We all know...but a brief reminder is helpful as we enter the second half of 2011...



Isle of Man

Totally cool....enjoy!



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Come in make yourself comfortable, its Friday, its the Vroom Room, we have capuccino and biscotti this morning. Hopefully you had a wonderful long week end be it July 1 or July 4. In our case we finally had a taste of summer with glorious sun, and very very light on rain. 

Somebody finally managed to go for a long delayed motorcycle ride...the first one this year. Think about this first ride of 2011 in July...

From back in the day, when books, and book store were you remember those days? A recommended collection of business books from The Economist if you read any of the books at some point and time, and care to share your thoughts, please leave a comment.

On the subject of business, and if you have a few minutes, informative story about Does it have anything to do with cars? Probably not, if you have an interest in business, you will find it interesting.

Canadian sales, at the conclusion of the first half of 2011 sales are ahead by a little over 2% compared to last year. By now you know that a sales gain can be portrayed in a myriad of perspectives. You also know (if you have been following our thoughts) that momentum continues to build for some, and deceleration increases for others.

Think of the following: i) BMW and Mercedes are literally fender to fender to see who will be the sales leader, you do remember BMW blinked last year. ii) Nissan did an absolute "tour de force" in June. iii) Some German manufacturers might deliver more CPO vehicles than some Japanese manufacturers will deliver new luxury vehicles. iv) As expected the end of the second quater and first half several manufacturers were aggressive. v) When sales have been decelerating for the past 18 months, is it the tsunami? vi) The desire to transcend winter continues (increasing during the first half).

What do you think, care to share your thoughts on Canadian sales!

Our habitual "old race cars" from the 2011 Goodwood Festival of