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Shinya Kimura

Very cool...



Blitzen Benz

Informative walk around...and you will hear it run...



You most probably remember exactly where you where, and what you were doing 10 years ago...

photo by Simon Leventhal

Like everything else life goes on...

photo by Simon Leventhal



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, its back to reality with a cappuccino and biscotti...

A short week, we have have been eclectic with a variety of coverage this week, perhaps being somewhat idyllic prior to the post Labor Day reality finally settling in....just scroll down if you missed some. 

More than ever you need to be your own editor, since anybody and everybody can publish, many mainstream media publications have become massive time its seems that many folks are seeking their "milliseconds" in the sun.

We agree that "leadership" is an increasingly rare commodity...after all the talk, the lip service, the posturing, the opinions...its still a rare commodity. You wonder why....?? Must be a case of the other individual is going to do it...

If you have Montblanc writing instruments and need refills, yes they will ship to Canada.

A thought provoking entry by Seth Godin on tradeable and non tradeable

We are still entertaining the thought of what to do for our 5 years of this point being subtle and discreet is appealing...we go with the flow, and its telling us to be subtle and discreet. 

From our friend The Autoextremist some thoughtful as we enter the stretch of reality towards year end.

We told you...yes we did...that we would resume doing reviews. The Focus caught our attention some time ago, we finally had an opportunity to experience a Titanium version for a few In addition to experiencing a fascinating intellectual dilemma between a luxury hybrid and a luxury performance coupe accompanied by their respective usage of gasoline. As one individual (guess who) around here says "You need gas to make horsepower with an ICE".

If you are a hard core gearhead you are familiar with Bonneville and the Speed Week, take a moment to view the extensive photo gallery (365 photos) of this year's Speed Week capturing the cars, bikes, the individuals, the essence of




Roland Sands

Cool stuff...yes we still have profound appreciation for bikes...