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Assembly Line

Think about day you might watch your vehicle get assembled...



Canadian Sales - First Quarter 2011

Our thoughts on Canadian sales for the first quater of 2011



Vroom Room 

Good Morning! 

Seems that Spring is in the air, come in we have cappuccino and biscotti this morning.

Have you followed the political debates? We have "glanced", and little has caught our attention. Seems this country is seeking leadership which is not to be found among our political leaders. We will probably endure another minority government for the next few years. 

Gratifying to see a grass roots mouvement among youth to go and vote...interesting to see what will happen.

In the meantime many pundits are publishing an immense quantity of thoughts and opinions on leadership. Go figure...all these experts, and no political leaders.

In case you missed it, we reviewed a 2011 Grand

Yes...The Colonel is working on a few projects that are keeping him quite busy these days, he is still finding time to "keep on blogging" as one would say. Stay tuned next week, we will have our first quarterly Canadian sales analysis.

In case you missed "The Written Off Car" its a true story, and worth reflecting to how it applies to present times...

If you are of an age that you remember, or are familiar with the "golden years" (late 50's) of the North American auto industry when the domestic manufacturers could almost do no wrong. This story and slide show on the Le Sabre concept car will interest Think about it...its a 60 year old concept that endures, and captures the imagination.

Our usual old race





The Next Malibu

Cool video...enjoy!



Aprilia Tuono V4R

Yes...its worth a gazillion words...