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Fathers Day

Yes...its Fathers Day...


Take a moment...Click Here.



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Come in, make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti.

How fitting that Corvette wins its class at LeMans for the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet...totally cool!

You know the saying "Kindness is free"...last week The Colonel was in an airport catching a late flight that was even later, and at one point yearning for some comfort food, that for some reason he can't find...suddenly presto there appears a bag of the comfort food...Thank You! For some mystical reason kindness has a way of going around.

Yes...we are waiting till the end of the month (June) to share our thoughts on the second quarter of Canadian sales...its going to be a disquieting conversation ...should you get ready? We think so!

In case you noticed, yes we missed doing the Vroom Room last week, one of those...don't ask! As we all know at times it does happen...

The "noise" is getting increasingly louder that Canadians have exhausted their various lines of credit, the noise is much louder than it was a few months ago. 

Here is the thing...from a very wet spring, to louder noise about lines of you think its conducive to auto sales? What do you think?

On a different note "Do you still have that green Charger?" totally The reflective thoughts on owning a car for 40 years.

Just a bunch of old race cars at Le



The Wise Leader

Informative video on leadership...agreed everyone has a thought or perspective.



The Feel

It seems that The Colonel is emerging back to sharing his thoughts....

There is a captivating aspect of the auto industry and car business, especially with the advent of technology empowering many folks to express their opinions, and publish their thoughts.

After all the technology is used, and everything is said and done in the "car business" you still need a "feel" and the right stuff.

What is the "feel"...

Its a combination of profound understanding, love, passion, ability to grasp quickly, ability to immediately disperse vagueries, to arrive at compelling conclusions that make a momentus difference. Yes...agreed its a tall order.

Many folks have a strong level of street smarts, coupled to superb survival instincts enhanced by various visual appendages to strenghten the message. 

How many have the "feel"...

When everyone and anyone can publish, when PR quickly creates a myriad of illusions, or realities and everything else in between. Where is the feel, who has the feel?

What do you think? Care to share your thoughts?



Camaro Convertible with 600 HP

Jay Leno having fun with a 600 HP supercharged Camaro convertible...enjoy!