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From the Lee Hartung Collection being aunctioned this week end....




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday...its the Vroom Room...did we hear a rumour that The Colonel is gone fishing for a few days? 

At this wonders if folks take all the dire messages on the global economy as being serious, or just posturing. What do you think?

Is this financial turmoil raising the price of collectible cars? 

The SEMA show upholds that modifying vehicles is still a huge industry.

Canadian sales for October remained positive, and encouraging for some manufacturers; considering the level of financial turmoil, and insecurity spreading across the planet. Although we anticipate that the last 2 months of this year will be increasingly challenging.

In October most manufacturers went in their own directions for whatever reason, strategy, tactic they had at the time. The fact that September was below the previous year could be a reason, as well as clearing previous model year vehicles.  As usual the folks that are behind...remain behind...and some persist in deep denial mode. 

A while back in a conversation with an individual involved in vehicles that comprise the entry level luxury segment in Canada. We commented that although the Germans are waging their Car Wars in Canada, many of the Japanese offerings are darn good vehicles.

The reply was fascinating "They probably are good vehicles, but they don't know how to sell them".  

In case you missed our thoughts on the 100th Anniversary of

Today its old cars in a fabulous




Rattling Cages

Back in the day, we called it Cage Rattling...

Today its called innovation, disruption, reformatting a business model. The result is to acquire an advantage and rattle your competition...

When someone was on the losing end of a tactic, strategy, episode it resulted in "having your cage rattled"...

In the car business especially at the retail level it was normal to either rattle or get rattled. Now with all the technology that is applied at the retail level rattling cages is not as obvious.

In retail at the end of the month you would prefer to rattle than be rattled

Another instance of cage rattling....a shiny high performance or supposed high performance car, that loses to an older, not so shiny, perhaps even rat rod...those were serious moments....

How are cages rattled in 2011? 

Thought leadership is an effective cage rattler...

A different perspective is cage rattler...

The element of surprise is a cage rattler...

Occupying a minute piece of real estate is cage rattler...

As we say at Strada...

Passion in everything that we do. We don't follow, we lead...



Oldsmobile Aerotech

From our friend Gary Smith at Dean's

Take the time to watch the videos...yes a different time...many familar faces are a fes decades younger.

Part 1

Part 2




Cadillac ATS

Agreed...a video is worth a gazillion words...