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1939 Brough Superior

If you have an interest in bikes, you are familiar with Brough Superior, Jay Leno does a quick overview of the history, kick starts the bike, and more....enjoy.



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, and another Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable the usual cappuccino and biscotti are served.

If you have missed our various entries on the Detroit Auto Show, just scroll down, we started last week and have kept on going this week. Make sure you take a few minutes to view the Heritage Center just in case you missed it.

Its the auction week end in Arizona, you can catch RM, Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steele and a few other by visiting their sites, watching B-J on Speed, and following on Twitter. It will be interesting to see what develops this year.

In case you missed Canadian Sales 2010

While in Detroit we had an opportunity to visit the OnStar Command Center, its a cool place that deals with several million subscribers across North America, and although the majority of the inquiries are for directions. You can appreciate that they also encounter life and death situations on a daily basis. OnStar deals with some high intensity moments. They have been credited by OnStar subscribers to have saved their lives. OnStar takes the fact that they cab save lives very seriously, and are proactive in their approach.

The OnStar take can be very helpful, and dedicated well trained folks make a huge difference when people are in a dire life and death situation. 

If you are following the "thoughts" on the direction of the Canadian economy in 2011, if you concluded that its all over the place we would agree with you. One thing is certain the economy has been powered by the Canadian consumer, while Canadian (is there such a thing) companies have been/are hoarding their money. 

Fascinating information from Google on internet activity during the Detroit Auto

Our usual just a bunch of old race




What is the Plural of Prius?

As you probably know, Toyota is launching a family of Prius.

Its stirring a grammatical debate surrounding what the group should be called and we want you our readers to help figure out what exactly is the plural for Prius… Prii, Prium, Priuses, Prien, or is it just Prius?

Watch the video...and suggest the plural of Prius...its your opportunity to let Toyota know your thoughts on the plural...Click, and see which "plural" is leading.



Cadillac Moment

Participated in an refreshing, candid interview (more like a pleasant conversation) of Clay Dean from Cadillac Design, with Ben Sparks who has a cool family blog. 

At times interviewing folks with other folks that you have known for a few hours can be delicate, for some cosmic reason Ben and I hit it off and immediately found our interview stride (being polite and considerate helps), to interview Clay Dean. As we say kindness is free. 

Ben is taping and doing a video of the interview for his blog, at around 8 minutes the discussion revolves around a bigger Cadillac than the CTS, at close to 9 minutes FYF is mentioned...notice the smile on Clay Dean (FYF has been edited out).

Here is the video with the FYF moment...and insight in the future direction of Cadillac.

NAIAS Interview with Clay Dean from BenSpark on Vimeo.




Canadian Sales 2010

You may have noticed that in 2010 we initiated a quarterly review / analysis of Canadian sales. 

We started with Car Wars which created a few waves and ripples.

We continued with Canadian Sales - Mid Point 2010.

Followed with Canadian Sales - Three Quarter Point 2010.

We hope that our perspectives are thought provoking, while offering a different view of the Canadian sales results. 

Now the entire year...