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The other day our thoughts gravitated towards money, and the ongoing demonstrations against some financial institutions. As we were pondering the various apsects of money, we are asking The Colonel to share his thoughts.Especially that he has been around for a longer time....

Q- Colonel what are all these issues with money, why now?

A- a capitalistic society like ours money buys freedom.

Q- Buys freedom...that's new?

A- Not new at buys/provides a freedom of thought, expression, mobility....

Q- Are you implying that folks experiencing money challenges have lost a certain freedom. 

A- Precisely...

Q- There a thought process implying that "boomers" are enduring capitalists?

A- Hippies were a boomer phenomenon, being idealistic, seeking a better world was also a "boomer" phenomenon, freedom was a powerful boomer phenomenon....HUGE.

Q- Its not the money, but the freedom?

A- The freedom for example to shop at the dollar store or high line store for the same item...its a great sense of freedom to be able to do either or both, or nothing.

Q- Its seems simplistic...

A- For the sake of brevity...freedom engenders of higher sense of meaning, a higher degree of happiness.

Q- Passion too...

A- Beat me to it....I was getting there...

Q- In a capitalistic society money affords a sense of freedom, to achieve a higher sense of meaning, and happiness...but it can get out of hand.

A- Absolutely...that is a huge problem...when everyone is on an upward or what seems like an upward trajectory the problem is not as obvious. When a good number of folks have seen their money and sense of freedom evaporate as in the past few becomes a problem.

Q- In a capitalistic society there has to be a certain distribution of money to provide an equitable level of freedom, to uphold a balance...

A- Precisely....we better stop here for the time being.




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