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Morgan 3 Wheeler

Very cool...with an S and S 120 inch V Twin, Jay driving on the wrong side, enjoying every moment.



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its beyond the middle of the month, its Friday, its the Vroom Room...come in make yourself comfortable.

The other day it struck us that some cars just don't "sit right"...what do we mean? The new versions of pony cars usually built on a platform not intended for pony cars are one example. You see them coming at you, and they just don't sit right, the "stance" is wrong. 

The reality was driven home when an original version of one of these cars, the original coming at you has the look, it sits right, the stance is correct, it telegraphs the appropriate message. 

Here is the trade off, back in the day the "stance was correct" but very often they did not drive very nice, perhaps today the stance is all wrong, but they drive nicer. Care to share your thoughts? The Camaro, Cahllenger, Mustang which one of the new versions has the correct stance (sits right)?

But then in an environment of CUV/SUV/AWD most vehicles sit high, with monster wheels and tires.

Before we forget, the Pebble Beach Concours is this week




Ayrton Senna

Totally cool...the movie open tomorrow...

No paddles, no 50K steering wheel....



Vyrus 986 M2

Cool bike with hub center steering...



Arai Helmets

Yes...we all know that Arai is a premium helmet...