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Its Saturday, its bikes, a video is worth how many words...


Around the 'Ring...




Vro0m Ro0m

Good morning!

Vroom Room for Friday January 8, 2010Its exciting, first Vro0m Ro0m of the year/decade. Come in make yourself comfortable, we have the usual cappuccino, and biscotti.

We started the Wave around the Planet on a whim, on a Saturday night a few weeks ago (last year!). Simple concept...lets see if we can get a wave going around the planet. By January 1st there were 100 wavers, with the wave coming very close to going wound the planet. Fascinating to see the wave grow organically. 

If you missed some of our thoughts this week, just scroll down. We are sure that you will find it interesting, informative, and thought provoking. Additional information on the New Normal, and more information on the decision process.

How come we have all endured on form or another of this Customer Service.

You may have missed the opening of the world's tallest building! Here it is fireworks and all. In case you wanted to know how it measures up?

Do you need a calculator? Take a look at 100 Financial Calculators.

The Colonel is up to something, seems that he is getting ready for another mission, as usual he is not communicating any details. 

Informative presentation/video on how Audi marketed their vehicles in 2009, its worth the time.

Canadian sales for 2009 were reasonable (do we sound like a broken CD by now) down only 10.7% for the entire year compared to 21% in the US. We will have additional thoughts when the model breakdowns are available in a few weeks. There were manufacturers that took advantage of the "market vacuum" created by the misfortunes, and in some cases missteps of other manufacturers.  

Our friend from Twitter @cbaccus has a thought provoking entry on his blog, that prompted us to comment take a look.

Cool vintage racing photography




Camaro SS and Mika Salo

A video is worth a gazillion words, its a supercharged Camaro SS, and Mika Salo is having a bit of "horsepower fun"...enjoy!



Fast and Famous

Here is Jay Leno doing his version of Rendez Vous. As you probably know we have featured Rendez Vous a few times on our blog, needless to tell you that Jay recreating Rendez Vous in his neighborhood resonates with us. 

The first video shows how the car is prepared with the various cameras for the shoot. The second video is the lap of Los Angeles with the famous Mulholland Drive and the various neighborhoods. Jay is familiar with the area (residing in the neighborhood), he provides an informative narrative for several landmarks.

He's driving an SLS with an evocative exhaust note (nothing like a V8 working to make some power), interesting double clutch transmission, and Jay makes it look easy, although he is making good time. If the lap is 13 miles and he does it in less than 10 minutes considering traffic lights. You do the math.

The car and cameras...

The lap...




Drag Racing Nostalgia 

Do you remember front engined dragsters, zoomies, Vertex magnetos, push starts, the dragster with the 2 engines was it called "The Freight Train"?....enjoy!

Part II

Part III

If you are wondering....the music is Get Ready.




Wish List

At the start of a New year we tend to have resolutions, renewed goals/ambitions, wish lists, and who knows what else to jump start the year. Perhaps we need a jolt of "something" to get going.  

This morning we are sitting with The Colonel, lets see what is on his mind for 2010.

Q: Thanks for taking the time, you holidays were good, and best wishes for the New Year!

A: Thank You guys! Yes the holidays were excellent with family and friends, would you believe that the food intake was somewhat moderate! Good thing that 2009 is a done deal, and the first decade is also concluded.

Q: You've been around for a few years, your thoughts on 2009?

A: Looking back, we were on a trajectory that was unsustainable, blame it here, there, all over, the trajectory was unsustainable. Perhaps way down deep we knew that it was a "strange trajectory". Consequently 2009 was not a surprise, although facing the harsh reality was painful at time. Let's not forget there were some good moments too. 

Q: What is your wish for 2010?

A: With instant, and more transparent communications we often see the "under belly" of all sorts of events. Is it how much "ugly" can you deal with? How is your "ugly" appetite? I wish for a better world, its a huge wish, a better world with more love, and understanding. 

Q: Isn't that naive, and optimistic?

A: Sure it is, but what is wrong with entertaining a huge, I mean really HUGE wish? 

Q: Many folks took a "beating" in 2009 what do you think they are wishing?

A: If we agree that we were on an unsustainable trajectory, perhaps they should wish to be more cooperative, open minded, transparent, human.

Q: Is it possible that this sounds like the "hippie" mantras of 40 years ago. 

A: Good point, are we wishing to be hippies

Q: Its easy for most folks to be interconnected, in North America the ratio to person and computer is 1 to 1.

A: Are you hinting that a better world is possible? Sounds like it.

Q: What else is on your wish list for 2010?

A: Isn't a better world a big enough wish? Guess not for you guys. How about evolving our mobility (vehicles) away from fossil fuels as the main source of energy. 

Q: That is another huge wish!

A: Might as well make them huge at the start of a new year, and decade. 

Q: Usually its 3 wishes, do you have another.

A: Yes...lets not forget that we are humans, with everything that it entails. Its easy to get lost in the trees of technology, seeking a fleeting moment of fame, and forget the human forest.

Q: Fleeting moment of fame?

A: When everyone can publish, everyone can connect, is it possible that everyone is looking for the "personal moment of fame"? Do I really have to go further?

Q: To summarize?

A: 1- A better world. 2- Less reliance on fossil fuels as a energy source for mobility. 3- We are still humans.




New Normal

Now that everyone has mentioned, and elaborated on the top 10 of anything, and everything of the past year, and decade. Yes...we agree that we should take some time to reflect on the past, learn from the past, and do a better job with the future. 

Are we seeking to know what is the new normal for 2010, or what will be the new normal for 2010? Better yet when will we stop talking about the past as being normal, and the future as trying to catch up to the past?

Think about this...the future trying to catch up to the past!

If we are all reset, and faced a New Reality last year, what is the New Normal for 2010, and beyond? Better yet will there be such a thing as a new normal? 

Pertaining to the auto industry what are/will be some New Normal?

  • Increasing product parity among most manufacturers.
  • CSM (Citizen Main Street) demanding reliable, cost effective, good value, inexpensive, "vehicles" to commute from A to B.
  • CSM seeking a "comprehensive mobility package" from manufacturers/dealers.
  • Styling inexorably becoming an "acquisition" factor in the choice of model/manufacturer.
  • Will multichannel vehicle retailing become normal, and expected? 
  • Are we still going to hear about the "watershed" sales number of 2007 in the US and 2008 in Canada? 
  • Will the new normal for Social Media become Social Networking?
  • Will last year's tidal wave of automotive pundits endure as the new normal? Or will there be casualties this coming year?
  • Will "disruption" continue to provide a competitive advantage in the market?
  • Will we make an effort to have a "better world", especially that we can all easily interconnect.

We can keep on going for a long time, we are sure that you understand our thought vectors in discovering the "new normal". 

Take a look at: 12 Resolutions on how to be a Mensch...its cool...Click Here.




What Matters Now

Fascinating...thought provoking...time well spent...take a few will inspire your thoughts for 2010.

Comments from Bill Taylor one of the participant...priceless.




New Year / Decade

Its the first day of the New Year and Decade. We don't know about you, but we are happy to have concluded 2009. Not that it was all bad, there were several wonderful moments, although in general there was a cloud over 2009, with the occasional ray of sunshine piercing the cloud.

If you are involved in or with the auto industry there was never a dull moment, and never a lack of pundits to express an opinion.

As we have all been reset in 2009, and seek a new normal in the New Year / Decade.

What will we do at Strada in 2010? 

  • We will "Energise you Automotive Experience" follow us, participate with us, it will be energetic. You will enjoy your time, and we will provoke your thoughts.
  • Our blog entries are "Thought Factory", we will share our thoughts with you, and encourage you to share your thoughts too.
  • As you know our mission statement is "Passion in everything that we do. We don't follow, we lead", and by now you know that we have our own distinctive perspective. 
  • Not to brag, on many occasions we have been on the money, prescient, with our thoughts. We encourage you to read our blog on a regular (daily) basis. 
  • We never had all the answers, we never will, be assured we will provoke your thoughts.
  • Yes we will continue with the Vro0m Ro0m (by now you know that the last "o" is the year).
  • Our Welcome page contains the various ways that you can stay in touch with us.

We want to THANK all the folks that have taken the time to share their thoughts, express their opinions and participate. Its truly appreciated...a huge THANK YOU.


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