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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its April Fools, its Friday, its the Vroom Room...come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti.

We are heading for another election in Canada on May 2, hopefully it will clear the air in the Canadian Parliament, while getting rid of a stalemate that has engendered increasing animosity. In the meantime do keep in mind that folks in other areas of the planet have demonstrated, been killed, to have the privilege to vote. 

We urge you to vote! It will be interesting to see the role and effect of Social Media during the campaign.

If you are a fan of Canadian Air Farce a tribute to Roger

Perhaps you heard that David E. Davis Jr. passed away, one of the many eulogies What is so special about some 80 year old guy that was writing about cars during a different time.

Lets turn to The Colonel who has a better recollection of that time. 

At one time the only source of automotive information for enthusiast were the "buff publications", and depending on one's inclination and preferences some publications became "de rigeur" monthly reading material. In my case Hot Rod, Car and Driver, and Road and Track were the monthly must read. Lets focus on Car and Driver, and David E.Davis Jr. in the early 1960's these guys were ahead of their time, with views that were thought provoking, irreverent, and often opened different, and fresh perspectives. 

Those were the days of automotive writers that could write a story to ignite your imagination through the printed word. The days were manufacturers formed unofficial allegiances through their PR departments with various publications. They were the days when publications could literally get a vehicle or a model go viral (to use a modern term) within a targeted customer base. 

At that time Car and Driver made it a point to publish stories that captured the attention, and imagination, be it the early Cannonball Runs, the infamous rigged GTO comparison, the Repo Man story, technical features and a myriad of others. 

David E. Davis Jr. was the conductor at Car and Driver that kept the monthly irreverence coming. Will there ever be another like him? Probably not, times have changed, everyone can be a publisher, information is much easier to find. In many ways David E understood 50 years ago, what we understand today as the social autosphere, its the people, the experience, the passion that make a compelling difference. A fascinating read by Jean Jennings on the start of Automobile magazine and David

We started our Dealers section several months surprising the velocity of time. Last week we attended a Corvette tech, and today is the last day of the Catch a Mazda 2

As you may have noticed in March we shared our thoughts and experiences on a few 12 cylinder cars, just scroll down....yes David E, was one individual that would mention that a true enthusiast should ideally own, or at least experience a 12 cylinder car. 

Just an old car...if you remember a Triumph




We started with the 6.9 which was impressive, and bad during its day. We continued with the 600 SEL which was a different version of impressive, fast, and sophisticated.

At some point the opportunity presents itself to experience the S600 with the twin turbo 12 cylinder, its a different motor than the original in the 140's.  

At some point a V12 is a V12, they are smooth, and progressive in delivering power, this newer V12 (non turbo version) having an improved initial throttle response. 

Here is the deal with the Twin Turbo version...

With the turbos altering the rate, and pressure of inlet air, an S600 becomes a ferociously fast car.

In some circumstances, especially wet pavement the electronic nannies are challenged to grasp the car prior to the laws excess horsepower, and physics act on the car. Here is a full size luxury sedan behaving like a pony car with excess horsepower, traction bars, and a locking differential...Wow! 

A twin turbo S600 was faster than all AMG cars with V8's, obvious that Mercedes-Benz was very discreet with the performance parameters of the S600 not to deflate the image of AMG cars. 

If its starting to sound like the ultimate Q ship! It was crushingly superior, with limited availability, and utterly expensive. Most folks did not understand an S600 let alone get their heads around the performance of the car. 

Here is this large opulent luxurious sedan, with ABC (Active Body Control) suspension, all sorts of horsepower, limitless quantities of torque, good brakes...accompanied by an uncanny ability to seamlessly reach velocities that not rational. 

What does a hard core gearhead do? Absolutely, you tweak the motor, especially that turbo motors are very responsive to tweaking. For some strange reason V12's are a "Value Tweak", although acquiring the car is not a value proposition, The Twin Turbo V12's are an hyper value. If most folks do not understand a V12 car, a tweaked twin turbo V12 car is perhaps beyond comprehension, reinforcing the Q ship aspect.

What does a tweaked S600 do? Starting from a superior performance envelope, it becomes insanely superior...and it will blow away close to anything and everything on the road especially at higher velocities. Forget the electronic nannies, drive the car accordingly. Its a point of how many lenghts to spot, to really crush an ego. 

Does anyone need such a car? don't! 

A gearhead with an intellectual quest to uncover serious horsepower, accompanied by immense quantities of torque, enveloped in a discreet sedan...this individual has a strong desire for such a car. 

Its a personal voyage to discover a rarefied performance envelope.




Long Time Coming!

Is it really true? We mention that we experience moments, all sorts of moments. The Twitter moments are usually the most interesting, and unexpected...which makes them endearing, and memorable. Often moments become more compelling if one takes the time to connect a few additional dots. 

We call them moments, since we usually deal with bits here, fragments there, its when they connect that the entire moment becomes clear, transparent, meaningful, and compelling. 

Here is the latest moment...

<> A few days ago we are watching our Twitter feed on Tweetdeck, as you know at times the feed is fast, and challenging to read....after a while one gets used to catching bits here, and fragments there, and an avatar somewhere else.

<> Out of nowhere your retina sees "something"...did I just see what I thought I saw, lets focus on this entry!

<> On reading the entry, Wow am I reading, what I think I'm reading! Sure looks like it. 

<> Its been a long time coming, its about time! Is it really true? This might make my day.

<> The source is credible (should be), but its several layers removed, perhaps there are too many intermediaries, and the information becomes opaque as it bounces from one to another. 

<> One can start seeking more information by doing a search, or one can remain within the Twitter environment, and quickly seek additional information or confirmation. What do you think happens? Yes...stay within Twitter and the initial information is quickly confirmed by reliable sources.

<> Perhaps a search engine would have confirmed the information, but it was more human, expedient, and fun to get confirmation through Twitter.

<> About the information...lets just say that it was a long time coming! made the rest of the day!




The Ferrari Moment

The exclamations (@#$%) say it all...obvious the thud did some damage...

First Ferrari FF Crash!





Take a moment...its cool and thought provoking...