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Bugatti Type 51

Fascinating story...


GTO Nostalgia


Back in the day...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Last Friday of the month...its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino with biscotti this morning.

Perhaps you missed "The Joys of Flying", take a

A few days ago we discovered a new term "city truck" case you did not know in a major metro area we feel that trucks are not a requirement for many folks. In areas where trucks are a requirement the trucks used in metro areas are known as a "city truck". 

Its cool to see serious pick ups being put to constant serious use, if you remember the time we spent with "Clifford", totally cool to see a large number of such trucks being used in various applications, and capacities. Usually not very clean to literally being coated with dirt, a dent here, scrape there, twisted bumpers, various antennas to operate 2 way communications, winches, auxiliary fuel tanks, free wheeling hubs, mud flaps, oil change stickers from place most folks only read about...

When you see a shiny half ton blasting down the highway....that's a "city truck".

We were saddened to hear of Jack Layton passing away, and were inspired by his

If you are a Ferrari GTO afficionado...from Pebble Beach impressive photo




New Holland 8N Tractor

If you appreciate farm tractors, this one has history and nostalgia...



Miss Supertest

A Canadian unlimited powerboat celebrating its 50th

Fascinating nostalgia...when powerboats were powered by the ubiquitous Allison or Rolls Royce V12's of the time.