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What Makes People Tick

Interesting conversation with Daniel Pink...on what makes people tick at work. If you remember last year we featured annother conversation with Daniel Pink on "what motivates us"

Agreed...must be something about reaching the mid point of the year, being reflective, and seeking the burst of energy for the second half of the year.



Always Showtime

In case you did not know....especially with social media...its always Showtime!



RSV4 vs GT-R

Who do you think wins?



Can Am Racing 

From our friend at Dean's Garage serious....very serious nostalgia and Can Am cars. if you were around back in the day the video and photo gallery will fire up the "memory bank".



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its officially summer...yes believe it...its SUMMER from a few days ago! Obvious still wet too...would you expect anything else?

Come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti.

Have you noticed that most manufacturers consider North America a mature market. All are casting an eye towards developing markets (you know the ones) as the next big thing. Imagine 60-70 years ago when North America was the developing automotive market simply booming, and bursting at the seams.

Sort of "We came, we saw, we conquered (for some) now lets move on to the next opportunity". What do you think? 

Fascinating to see humans interface with other humans through social media and technology. The awful stuff in Vancouver after the hockey game is showing an emerging aspect of social media that was always there, perhaps under a few layers but always present. 

Interesting to see folks tarnish their "personal brands" aided by social media. What do you think?

Prior to PowerPoint how did folks communicate, have business meetings, reach agreement, make decisions. Think about this for a you can get PowerPointed to nausea...especially when the PowerPoint is the "story line" and the presenter is merely a messenger.

To all our friends in Quebec...its St.Jean Baptiste today...."La St.Jean"...enjoy the long week end.

The usual old race