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We have had an interest in mobility vehicles for folks that have limited mobility. Someday The Colonel might share his experiences interacting with the folks that had mobility vehicles.

In the meantime...this is a cool mobility vehicle, that is also available in Canada.




Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Just cool....enjoy!




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Do you remember Iskenderian Cams?Last Friday of the month, long week end on the horizon for folks in Ontario, and its the Vroom Room!

Come in, make yourself comfortable, we are serving our usual cappuccino and biscotti. 

Last Sunday we were at Mosport for the ALMS race, if you missed it just scroll down. Yes...we still have a good number of photos to upload. Agreed that for some strange reason its easier to take photos, than subsequently edit and upload. We will do it this week end...

If you have ever been exposed to Moscato wine, which is wonderful chilled, Barefoot has an exquisite moscato that we are enjoying this summer. A random find at the LCBO, which become a wow experience once uncorked. 

In our case Moscato wine awakens memories of moscate grapes, making your own wine, the entire experience. With time one forgets the distinctive fragrance of Moscato grapes and wine, uncorking a bottle in our case refreshed a myriad of memories.

Did you know? There will be a Mille Miglia North

Have a great long week end...our usual old race





Fascinating conversation with Bob Sutton on "Bosses"...



Carrera PanAmericana

Informative video from back in the day...

On a slightly different note by now you know that we are fans of Rendez Vous by Claude Lelouch. If you are of a certain age, and an enthusiast or gear head at the time you went to see "Un Homme et une Femme". An informative story with background information of Rendez Vous and thoughts on Un Homme et une