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The Next Malibu

Cool video...enjoy!



Aprilia Tuono V4R

Yes...its worth a gazillion words...



Corvette ZR750

Corvette ZR750 by Hennessey Performance...enjoy!



The Written Off Car

We always hear that cars are written off when heavily damaged in an accident, and at times wonder where these vehicles go to end their days. A few decades ago prior to the extensive use of technology, better yet technology was not available, did not exist at that time. 

A true story....

A service courtesy car is involved in an accident while being driven by a customer, there is an amount of front end dammage. The car is "written off" by the insurance company problem solved...its going to the written off lot in the sky or so one would naively think.

Close to 2 years later, a customer trades in a car...the front of the car seems a little askew, some items do not fit as they should. it would take 30 seconds...back in the day it took a dilligent manual search to uncover that the courtesy car that was written off by the insurance company, just resurfaced as a trade in.

"Guys we just took in trade the courtesy car that was written off 2 years ago"...."Impossible...the car was written off"...."No its right there, look"

Think about this for a moment...mind boggling, and something that perhaps happens once in a million.

Some details from back in the in day...

The insurance company was contacted "You wrote off this come its still on the road?" the reply "We wrote off the car to you, we then resell the car as salvage, and have no control on the disposition of the salvage after the sale"

Think about this for a moment...

Obvious that in 2011 and for several years now, it would take a few seconds to uncover collision damage on a vehicle.



Quarter Mile Times

Dragstrip test of the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R