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Chevrolet Turns 100

This morning we caught up with The Colonel, as you know he has been a busy fellow these past few months. This morning he is here with us, enjoying a cappucino and a cannoli. As Chevrolet is turning 100, we want to get his thoughts on Chevrolet...lets get going.

Q- Colonel Good Morning! Chevrolet is turning long have you known Chevrolet? 

A- Good Morning that a fair question...put it this way my father's first car was a 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air with a 216 6 cylinder, and a 3 speed column shift.

Q- Wow...that is a few years remember that car?

A- I appreciate the touch of sarcasm, I was young..yes I remember that car...I remember having to almost dive under the dash to fully depress the clutch pedal to start the had a push button start...same as today's cars.

Q- What was you fist car? 

A- You know...or should

Q- Apologies...we had forgotten about the white Biscayne, do you still have a Chevrolet?

A- Still have a Chevrolet? know the answer...yes still have one.

Q- You were diving under a dash as a kid to start a Chevrolet, you probably learned to drive with a Chevrolet, your first car was a Chevrolet, and you still have a Chevrolet...

A- Precisely....

Q- Heard that you have been accused of having "bow ties flow through your veins"...

A- Folks used to say that...

Q- You have not driven a Chevrolet as a daily driver in years...

A- Agreed...have not had a Chevrolet daily driver in a few decades, but Chevies have a special place.

Q- You don't drive one so...why do Chevies have a special place?

A- I grew up with Chevrolet, tinkered with Chevrolet, did all sorts of stuff with Chevrolet, it leaves a lasting impression

Q- Are you saying that some years ago (being subtle decades might be more appropriate)...Chevrolet was the car for gearheads.

A- Exactly...but not just Chevrolet...

Q- What is it...then

A- Chevrolet with the small block Chevy democratised performance, made it available and affordable for everybody...especially if you were a student...

Q- You could take a Chevrolet and easily modify the car...

A- Precisely...and it leaves a lasting impression!

We will continue....



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