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Detroit V8 Iron

With the resurgence of pony cars from the Detroti 3, there is an immense pool of opinions expressed and exchanged on the various cars (you know the one's) with the V8's. 

Its usually to the effect that the cars are big, bulky, heavy, seem to prefer straightlines, while implying that there are other vehicles "out there" that do a better job of going from A to B. Obvious they are also fast, and can do burn outs.

Sounds like the same stories being recounted from over 40 years ago...or close.

Here is the deal....

For many individuals some older, and some younger there is an undeniable fascination, interest, captivation with a good ole' domestic V8 pumping out some power, coupled to a manual transmission with a clutch pedal, rear wheel drive, and a generally heavy feel. 

Are these cars every day drivers, not really...were they every day drivers 40 years ago...not really. 

Perhaps all the folks that have one, have understood that the cars provide a good level of old school performance, fun, and enjoyment for the money...the cars are a strong performance value proposition. 





Buddy Guy

if you're a Buddy Guy fan, and he'll be 75 at the end of the month, and everytime he tries to do Albert King he breaks a string....enjoy!




Holding Back The Years

Just cool....and you wonder which manufacturers in Canada would love to "hold back the years"...


The New Polymer $100

Informative video on the upcoming polymer money...



Canadian Sales - First Half 2011

Our thoughts of Canadian Sales for the first half of 2011...