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Vyrus 986 M2

Cool bike with hub center steering...



Arai Helmets

Yes...we all know that Arai is a premium helmet...




What lies ahead...




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Do you remember "porting cylinder heads"?Yes...another Friday, come in make yourself comfortable, its the Vroom Room.

As we mentioned a return to post Labor Day reality, needless to tell you that the financial markets are doing their own reality checks these past few weeks...seems that waiting for the end of the "Dog Days of Summer" was too long....not sustainable. 

Take a moment...thought provoking comments from David

A thought for another day....but...the inexorable erosion of the North American middle class, what we used to know as the "blue collar worker"...yes it is a thought for another day but these folks, actually made goods, while earning darn good money.

At one time Canada made fine furniture...where can one find Canadian made furniture? If you know leave a comment....if you have Candian made furniture...tell us about it.

It seems that since we started sharing our quarterly thoughts on "Canadian Sales" other folks are taking a...lets say more creative look at Canadian auto sales, and trying to get their message across. Should we be flattered being the first to provide a "fresh" (disruptive) perspective, and now being emulated. What do you think?

On a different note...if you are of an age where you remember non descript 2 door post cars, with rubber mats, gauges under the dash, a line lock on the shifter, absolutely no markings on the outside, with a nasty big block Chevy would fire up the emotions...take a The classic case of "What is this fellow packing under the hood of that car".



Aston Martin Zagato

As usual a video is worth a gazillion words....enjoy!