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Styling and Design

Several years ago McKinsey published a white paper that vehicles would reach parity and become a that they would all be pretty darn good, and reliable. 

Imagine this white paper floating around 15 years ago...needless to say...there were mostly disbelievers, how could vehicles reach parity, and perhaps become appliances would shudder at the thought.

Fast forward to 2011, and most if not all vehicles are darn good, they are below 10th place on the desire of things to have in mature strong is the desire for a refrigerator? 

Agreed...the brand is still a factor...although its a diluted factors with many brands exploring a myriad of niches in the past decade.

We have come to realize, and understand that styling and design that resonates with consumers is a compelling differentiator in competitive market segments. The Koreans have understood the styling differentiator perhaps better than other manufacturers (we will not mention names).

When all the features, air bags, USB ports, Navigation systems, fuel economy have been mentioned...the vehicle with the compelling styling/design that resonates with consumers has a distinct advantage.

What do you think?





When you sell high ticket items, and vehicles are high ticket items.

You tend to keep an eye out on the economic developements, both local and global. We live at a time when "someone flushes a toilet on the other side of the planet, it might affect us on this side".

Over a Saturday morning coffee, listening to the birds chirp...did you know...the chirping is different at mid summer than spring. Taking photos of the Moon and Sun.

The conversation was....

"You know Canadian banks through the Canadian consumer have been propping up the Canadian economy for the past 24 months."

"Have you noticed for a few months now, the message is crystal clear that the average Canadian consumer is at the ceiling of available consumer credit."

"Credit cards, and all that stuff."


"This past week Canadian banks made a concerted effort to signal an expected/anticipated lowering of real estate values in Canada."

"Is it a coincidence that everyone has an opinion at the same time." 

"Perhaps...the message is clear...from all banks."

"Do you get the feeling that banks are saying that they will no longer bankroll the consumer to keep the economy going...someone else needs to step in."

"Subtle but clear message that banks will not assume more consumer credit risk to keep the Canadian economy going."

"Could there be clouds and perhaps even trouble brewing on the horizon?"

"Are we so naive or so much in denial that we cannot see what is lurking on the immediate horizon".

"You mean the a freight train...."

"It will be interesting to see how this freight train rolls by after the dog days of summer...."




Racing and Money

The other day we were reading thoughts making reference that some folks have more money than racing ability, and that it should be a case of more racing that money ability. can certainly insert several incremental variations. 

Any form of motor racing requires resources to go a "little faster", yes...its ingrained in the human psyche to go a little faster, to be competitive, and to win. 

Who remembers drag cars with a tow bar attachment on the front, free wheeling hubs on the rear wheels for the tow, and often using a station wagon as the tow vehicle? We probably all have our own stories and recollections of racing and the various budgets. 

Usually the folks racing with the modest budgets, often made reference to the folks with the "cubic money" accompanied by "can't keep up with the cubic money". Anyone involved in racing also knows that to go really fast, the last tenth of a second requires substantial resources. 

The pit scenery has gone from a tow bar, to open trailers, to goose neck trailers and dualy pick ups, to full fledged transporter, private coaches, and in some series they have the mobile accommodations for the various PR folks and sponsors. 

NASCAR is finally evolving from carburetors to fuel injection, the carburetors/intake manifold knowledge base is being shelved for fuel injection. Yes...there are fuel injected engines running on dynos, there are various configurations of intake manifolds, and cylinder heads being considered. Yes...whoever has the most financial resources can usually explore the most creative perspectives, and often acquire an advantage.

Folks can rent/lease race cars, or various components especially engines. 

All major racing events are the same, there are the front runners (cubic money), the mid runners (less cubic money), and the back of the pack (even less cubic money) that make up the field. 

What do you think...




Casey Stoner in Slo-Mo

Extreme coolness...enjoy!



Detroit V8 Iron

With the resurgence of pony cars from the Detroti 3, there is an immense pool of opinions expressed and exchanged on the various cars (you know the one's) with the V8's. 

Its usually to the effect that the cars are big, bulky, heavy, seem to prefer straightlines, while implying that there are other vehicles "out there" that do a better job of going from A to B. Obvious they are also fast, and can do burn outs.

Sounds like the same stories being recounted from over 40 years ago...or close.

Here is the deal....

For many individuals some older, and some younger there is an undeniable fascination, interest, captivation with a good ole' domestic V8 pumping out some power, coupled to a manual transmission with a clutch pedal, rear wheel drive, and a generally heavy feel. 

Are these cars every day drivers, not really...were they every day drivers 40 years ago...not really. 

Perhaps all the folks that have one, have understood that the cars provide a good level of old school performance, fun, and enjoyment for the money...the cars are a strong performance value proposition.