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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday...middle of the month, with 2 weeks to go until the 3rd quarter is complete, and its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable.

If you have been following the vehicles launched/unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, at times we get the impression that designers for some inexplicable reason push the wrong buttons, for perhaps all sorts of reasons. But who are we to have the defenitive opinion, espcially that styling is always a question of personal preference. 

Lets just say that some vehicles have a look that only their designer would love...and some bastions of auto branding are beginning to look comical in their designers quest for change.

Are we all enjoying the global financial girations enhanced by a touch of politics? Closer to home (Canada) the message is constantly being reinforced to CSM (Citizen Main Street) to exercise caution in acquiring additional credit. 

September is the final month of the 3rd quarter, fascinating to see Honda finally join, and play the game to keep the Civic at the head of the pack, and perhaps give Acura an opportunity to hopefully stop its retreat. One still wonders what took them so long...must have been some powerful Kool Aid. Lets see how it develops for them at the end of the month...and year.

In case you missed it...after a patient and long wait we finally had an opportunity to experience this yes...we are working on the review.

It will be interesting/informative to see how the union talks/negotiations conclude with the Detroit 3. What do you think?

If you remember last month we had an issue with Air Canada with delayed flights and misplacing a bag. We did a quick entry "The Joys of Flying" expecting Air Canada to reply or comment, although our entry on their Facebook page generated interest and comments from everyone except the folks at Air Canada. 

The other day we had an issue with our refrigerator, we again did an entry "The Joys of Kitchen Aid"  to our immense surprise, Kitchen Aid "gets it" with an immediate response through Twitter, taking the time to look at our issue, responding and more important resolving the issue in a timely

We took the liberty of forwarding the refrigerator case to folks we know at various manufacturers, hinting the questions..."if one of your customers had an issue with one of your vehicles...." would you, and how would you solve it through social media. 

Today its a bunch of old Ferrari'



1949 Porsche Gmund Coupe

Totally cool...



Hot Rods

Cool video....enjoy...agreed the shift knob is creative...



Shinya Kimura

Very cool...



Blitzen Benz

Informative walk around...and you will hear it run...