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Extreme Horsepower

Serious power from Nelson Racing Engines...enjoy!



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Last Friday of the month, its Black Friday for all our American friends who are enjoying Thanksgiving week end. 

Also 1 month to Christmas...

In the meantime its also the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable we have cappuccino and biscotti.

With the growing facility to store an immense amount of information, data, photos, and whatever else in the "cloud" have you given some thought that anyone and everyone can become immortal, and keep on having a presence in the "cloud". Think about this for a moment...

The other day while crawling in the habitual GTA peak time traffic, and thinking that the road infrastructures are perhaps overwhelmed (being polite here), while one must exercise patience, discipline, and have some good music in the vehicle to assuage the sense of futility.

Then the thoughts migrated to a few decades back, having a high performance vehicle, an aggressive camshaft, bigger than smaller intake ports, and a slightly bigger than smaller carburator with an appreciable initial shot of gasoline. As well as a stout clutch to deal with the power, with a resonably stiff clutch pedal.

Imagine for a moment such a set up, on a hot day, and having to crawl the better part of 25 kilometers, now the engine starts to raise its temperature, you are blipping the throttle to clear it up, the spark plugs start fouling up, some gas is making its way in the oil pan, your left leg is tiring. While consuming obscene amounts of premium gasoline.

Think about it, good thing that back in the day, road congestion was a fraction of what it is today, those high performance cars were not engineered to crawl in traffic congestion. Good thing that we have a myriad of electronics, and electric fans to keep modern high performance cars under control in congested circumstances. 

At some point we will ask The Colonel what car he was using to commute.

Old race cars, old race drivers, a great story on Phil




If you are familiar with the 2 cycle Detroit Diesels, you know that a few decades ago 12V-71 were installed in trucks...and perhaps you even remember that a 12V-71 had 2 blowers. This is a 24V-71...yes 2 12V's joined together with 4 blowers in the original location (inside the V) and 8 blowers on top.

Agreed its totally cool, and as the engine revs will hear the nostalgic sound of a 2 cycle Detroit Diesel...enjoy!




Do you remember the speedwrench?

Have you used a speedwrench? 

For some reson the other day we were thinking of speedwrenches and oil pans.

By now its probably a vintage tool, like dwell meters are "vintage" tools. 

 Back in the day, prior to battery operated tools with lithium ion batteries, a speed wrench was a great tool to quickly fasten or unfasten smaller sized bolts or nuts. You could crank it with either hand, great practice to being somewhat ambidextrous. 

There is a guy around here who used a speedwrench a gazillion times to remove and install oil pans, timing covers, on various engines, obvious when the engine was on an engine stand.

Care to tell us how you used a speedwrench, leave a comment.




Bike Drift

Seeing is believing....