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Its another Vroom Room...make yourselves comfortable.

For some reason on Tuesday Drum Brakes created a "Twitter Moment" a few days ago, in case you missed it just scroll down. 

In November of 2009 we reviewed a Buick LaCrosse in our photo we made it a point to show Chinese writing on an inspection sticker (green means it passed). We publish Global Auto Sales results the latest entry If you have an interest in the auto industry, and read our blog, you would have to be hiding under a rock not to acknowledge that China was becoming the epicentre of the global auto industry.

We posted thoughts from Carlos where he mentions that in mature markets (that's us in North America) the automobile is down to 17th as a desirable object. In emerging markets the automobile is either number 2 or 3 (telling results).

Yes...China is the place that will exert extreme influence on the global auto industry.

There was a Memorial for Chuck Jordan at the GM Heritage Center you can see agreed its veritable whose who of Detroit folks.

Informative article from a prison interview with Bernie

Did you know that Secretariat's last race was in the movie is informative and entertaining.

Do you remember the days of heated muscle car competetion among manufacturers, and most automotive journalists, writers, publications of the time wondering what they were really getting to road test and review. At that time press muscle cars were "optimised" for 0 to 60 and quarter mile times. Often one car had glaring discrepencies with another similar car. 

Those were the days of carburetors, distributors, slightly bigger jets, altered advance curve. Imagine today with ECU's how easy it is to tweak any vehicle. Especially that we all know that they are tuned on the conservative side.

Are manufacturers tweaking cars, probably not especially for regular commuter cars. Would anyone consider tweaking a car when the 0 to 60, quarter mile, or track time will become bragging rights. Or the car will participate in a shoot out. What do you think? 

Instead of old race about a Boeing

The Schlumpf Collection with some old race




Explorer Sound System

Seems to be the new direction of ads...



In a Ford Model A

Totally cool...who would go through an entire year in a Ford Model A, its an 80 year old car, which at first seems completely not fit for the current times...this is the blog...365 Days of A take a moment to review the various entries.

An 6 volt electrical system starting a car...




Everything you ever wanted to know about gasoline...



Drum Brakes have to be a certain age to have experienced, and remember drum brakes on a car.

Here is The Colonel's perspectives and thoughts in no particular order from when cars had drum brakes and a single master cylinder. 

<> Did you know that drum brakes were self energising, meaning that they would literally apply pressure by themselves in a brake drum.

<> At one time sedans and coupes were huge, had a frame, and usually reasonably large drum brakes.

<> Yes...a single master cylinder, that if a brake line broke the car ran out of brakes, and power brakes were in most instances an "unobtanium" luxury.

<> It was easy to swap engines, increase the power of many cars, not so easy to improve the brakes. 

<> The end result was usually a car that "went" and did not stop....

<> Imagine for a moment a car with drum brakes, a modified engine driven by a 20 something gear it starting to sound exciting?

<> It was literally impossible to apply enough pressure with the brake pedal to stop the car at higher speeds, usually the brakes warmed up, and brake fade started rearing its head...with your foot hard on the brake pedal...while the pedal fades to the floor...and the car does not stop.

<> After a couple of incidents of partial brake fade, the front linings would "glaze" from the over heating, and the braking performance deteriorated at any speed...the strategy was not to be in a situation to use the brakes when they would/could fade.

<> Yes...down shifting was an effective way to slow down the car prior to using the brakes. 

<> After a while one would get used to mediocre brakes...not really.

<> If a brake line started leaking, usually through corrosion, not much fun to run out of brakes in a traffic situation...good thing cars had steel bumpers, and no one minded a "thud" from another car.

<> Think about this...everyone had cars with marginal to mediocre brakes....

<> Imagine when you see a muscle car with 10 inch drums up front, and no power assist, good luck stopping that car...

<> Obvious that every young person scared themselves silly with those cars...between brake fade, and broken brakes watching the movies when the pedal goes to the floor....and the car flies off something...

<> It was almost miraculous if the car stopped in a straight line...

<> One solution was to redo the entire brake system, lines, cylinders, master cylinder, and install a monster brake booster from a truck that would generate enough pressure to literally smoke the linings. 

<> From one extreme of not enough pressure, overheating and glazing linings, to having enough pressure to quickly stop while smoking the linings....or run metallic linings.

<> Experiencing brakes fade at an inopportune time, stopping sideways, breaking a brake line, those experiences for some reason are indelibly seared in one's memory bank...

<> Lets not forget asbestos dust flying all over when doing a brake job...