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Mazda at Le Mans

Go for a ride at Le Mans in a Mazda...enjoy!

Mazda 787B Onboard. Nice car!!




Notalgia Drag Racing

Get your old school nitro fix....enjoy!



Wooden Boat

Somewhat long, but informative video on the construction of the wooden boat "Sempre Avanti" totally cool...especially if you have am affinity for the classic wooden boats from back in the day, and appreciate the craftmanship required to build one from scratch...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Another Friday, yes...the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have capuccino and cannoli this morning.

Do you remember the days when any young individual with a V8 and glass packed mufflers could make incredible sounds with almost any car. Have you noticed that today the same sound usually raspier due to longer pipes is almost adulated by a bunch of folks.

Imagine that same V8 with the glass packed mufflers, shorter pipes, an unrestricted intake (air filter) when the same young individual opened all the barrels of the 4 barrel carburator...somethings never change. Now we have videos of engines revved up to generate the sound....

Is it remotely possible that Carlos Ghosn read our "They Don't Know" prior to commenting on the performance of Nissan in Sure looks like it...(we are grinning).

From the outset of this year we have mentioned that the Canadian market would be very "tight" with little if any room (any manufacturer increasing would be at the expense of another). In November both Honda and Toyota finally emerged from their stupor and flexed their sales muscles (we can all develop of myriad of reasons for this late flexing) in the meantime Ford and GM lost sales during the month. As expected the Koreans and Chrysler did not miss a beat, especially that it was a slow month that gained momentum in the second half.

If you still write down thoughts on paper...or if you no longer do, informative article on why you As an aside if you have a few interesting pens, it helps to wrote things down, especially if they are fountain pens.

You have certainly read a few thoughts on the Volt might as well read our review of the Yes we were impressed with the car, its truly a technological "tour de force".

You know or should know that we are fans of blues, and Albert King is one of our favorite with a few other, this version of Blues At Sunrise was recoded with SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn) in Hamilton, yes Canada, a few decades you know good blues the ones that tug at you are eternal or darn

Seeking inspirations for Christmas gifts? Spend a few minutes browsing the various Ralph Lauren catalogues which are totally

Get your imagination going with this story of racing, Zora Arkus Duntov, and an old

Our habitual old race



Brian Redman 

Go for a ride with Brian Redman, an old Porsche, Laguna Seca, the Cork Screw...enjoy!