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F150 Eco Boost

Informative video on the Eco Boost...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

First Vroom Room of March, come in the usual couches, espresso, and biscotti, did we forget cappuccino too.

In January we pondered the thought of gas at $1.50 a liter for regular, do you remember? Hold the thought for a while...its getting interesting! As you hold the thought of $1.50 a liter, might as well entertain the thought of all the "machines" with all sorts of HP that might just get stranded on the track. Lets not forget all the crew cabs used primarily for leisure.

With the events in Libya its revealing to see where folks draw the line, to acquire energy, to make money, or both...truly fascinating to see all sorts of "stuff" (being polite) spill out of closets. 

On a different note, its awesome to witness absolute speed, take a moment to experience (from your seat) Discovery's last

Canadian sales, we told you so, the fruits are higher up, we are starting to see who is making an effort, and who is coming short. Two of the major Japanese manufacturers (you know who they are) are in deep yogurt; for the other manufacturers its developing into have and have not. It will be fascinating to see how the first quater of 2011 develops. Where is GM? 

In case you is the start of Bike Week...yes Daytona where else.

Nothing to do with cars, if you are a follower of "royalty" the official wedding site

How often do we get embroiled in one form or another of a difficult conversation, especially when everyone communicates with short spurts...a few useful guidelines to simplify challenging

It does not get much cooler ...4 horses "lifting a load"

An eclectic assortment of old race




More Ayrton Senna

More extreme coolness...

Part 1

Part 2




Ayrton Senna

Extreme coolness...



The Quest

Totally cool for a gear head...if you are a Corvette fan even cooler...

More information...