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Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday....yes the Vroom Room, come in, make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti this morning. 

Here is the are a serious gear head, you have an appreciation for horsepower, and should have an appreciation for motorcycles too. If you ride a bike (you should ride) you are keenly aware that a minor "brain fade" can/will quickly get you in a "deep yogurt" situation, if not worse. 

High performance cars, combined with the average individual can quickly become an explosive mix for a myriad of reason. In case you don't remember insurance companies accelerated the demise of muscle cars 40 years ago. They became impossible to insure due to the rash of "incidents". Although cars are safer, and its easier to deal with serious horsepower with technology assisting, relieving the individual driving of having to make decisions in nano seconds. 

In the meantime, high performance cars, and a track environment, we instinctively know that "stuff" will happen. Manufacturers are keenly aware that stuff can happen, while still bringing the high performance vehicles to the events for the "halo effect" on the intellect of the folks attending the event. Bending some metal goes with the territory of bringing high performance vehicles to a track. What do you think?

Are we fortunate or just plain unlucky this week we did not get an iPhone that leaps over tall buildings. Informative to see the hype and various levels of misinformation around the launch of the newest version of the iPhone. A good example of being your own editor in discerning reality from...

If you have an interest on which brands captivate the folks on the planet, take a

We all had a "feeling" that it was going to be sooner than later, last month we posted Steve Jobs famous Stanford Commencement

The usual old race




AMG Performance Media

When "seat of the pants" is not enough...



Change has Changed


Shaping Ideas

Thought provoking comments by Hans Rosling...does "lack of global governance" resonate during chaotic economic times?