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Rhys Millen Steal a Genesis Coupe

Entertaining short movie...enjoy!



Bodyguard Creeper

Did you ever want a creeper with a roll bar?



Getting Closer

Yes...we are getting Christmas



Milhous Collection

Fascinating cars and musical instruments of the Milhous Collection...




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Yes...another Friday, and another Vroom Room, we have cappuccino and biscotti, make yourself comfortable, here we go...

Have you ever pondered on the thought that if cars did not have all the current "electronics", we would not see the level of elevated horsopower. Yes...its the electronics that make cars with huge horsepower safe, and sellable for street use, driven by CMS (Citizen Main Street) with average driving abilities. 

Back in the day, when you throttle up a car with serious horsepower, you were prepared for anything and everything in a millisecond. Today the "electronics" are doing the split second preparedness. 

Do we need winter tires? The "electronics" work better with winter tires, especially stopping and turning. If you are an enthusiast and using at 18 inch wheels with high performance tires, you absolutely need winter tires. 

Launch controls, paddle shifts, dual clutch transmissions...there is still a strong attraction for cars with a clutch pedal. Although we still subscribe to a famous saying by Ken Purdy "Unless you have a high performance engine, get an automatic". We have a limited appetite for plain engines with manual transmissions, and usually wide spreads between the gears like a truck. 

Are you intellectually bored with the ongoing hybrid/electric car fuel economy comparison. Lately the GTA seems to be in a constant state of gridlock, and congestion, and especially in winter, startting a gas oo diesel powered vehicle to do a 20 km errand is totally counter productive towards saving fossil fuels. 

If you had all kinds of money, how many vehicles would you have, and why? only NEED one, but how many would you WANT?

We asked The Colonel....

1- Small 4 cylinder hatchback to do errands, or a Volt. 

2- Mercedes-Benz E Class with a V8 as a highway cruiser, perhaps an S Class.

3- Corvette Z06 just because you need a Corvette with a naturally aspirated 427

4- Ferrari with a 12 cylinder...yes a 599 would be totally cool...a 275 GTB as a wish

5- CTS-V Coupe because its a cool coupe with adult HP.


A- Shoebox Chevy with a race 572...just plain BAD...Wicked...

B- 370Z Roadster, cool way to go with an open top

C- Ferrari 250 GTL...yes a Lusso

D- Deuce Roadster with a big block and a blower...need the blower whine

E- 1951/2 GMC 1/2 ton pick up...just because

F- 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne 2 door coupe...just because

G- 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS with a 409 and dual quads...for the fun of it...

H- 1967/8 Camaro...yes with a 4 speed

I- Black Suburban or know the ones with the "look"...

J- S600 with Renntech ECU's at least with at least 650 HP...

K- MV Agusta Brutale...

L- Fat Boy...

M- Chopper with an S&S 145, RH drive, Baker 6 speed

N- A V16 Cadillac...

O- 1957 Fleetwood, stainless top, suicide rear doors.

P- A RR Cloud III...the look...

Q- 1987 Porsche Turbo...

R- 1963 Buick Riviera...with a green nailhead...

Better stop....

By now the message is abundantly clear that in Canada CMS (Citizen Main Street) is tapped out, as if it comes as a big surprise...although the surprise is the depth and Obvious that CMS will not power the Canadian economy like the previous years.

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