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The Oil Change

Yes..yes...we all know what its all occasional reminder is good.



Bio of Steve Jobs 

Watch...its time well probably already know various bits and pieces...enjoy...


Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday, almost mid month, its the Vroom Room...come in make yourself comfortable. We have cappuccino and biscotti this morning.

We came across this thought provoking video on the value of Which reminds us of our mantra that you have to be your own editor, and make sense of the flood on information, thoughts, opinions that are disseminated, published every nano second. 

Who has time for all this stuff, and have you noticed this social trend where everything is interconnected, and follows through...this platform wants to identify you, this other platform too, and so on. Are human beings engineered to always be on stage 24/7/365? What do you think? 

In case you missed it we shared our thoughts on Canadian We are not surprised by the results at the end of September...we are perhaps surprised by the non results. Do you remember when the Detroit 3 a generation ago were extolling the virtues of assembling vehicles in Canada, and the US compared to the emerging Japanese. To reinforce our saying that the Koreans are doing to the Japanese, what the Japanese did to the Detroit 3. Now the Japanese are mentioning that they assemble vehicles in Canada and the US. Do you remember when Hyundai in 1989 opened an assembly plant in Bromont, Quebec? 

Informative, and thought provoking article on "Customer Online Comments" Although it seems that everyone is seeking an opinion, it also seems that its the same cross section of society that express their opinions on social media platforms.

Looking for some cool guy stuff, or want to do some online browsing take a look at MR

Today its old Alfa Romeo's 8C and spectacular



Jungle Jim Lieberman




Custom Peterbilt

if you have an interest in HD trucks, are familiar with the various components...enjoy!

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