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2012 Camry

Informative usual its worth a gazillion words...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning! 

First Vroom Room of the month with a long week end on the horizon, and reality lurking....

Come in make yourself comfortable we have cappuccino and biscotti this morning.

We hope you had an opportunity to watch Jack Layton's funeral, totally cool experience...with numerous messages for can agree or disagree with his politics, he was a cool guy...appreciated by Canadians. 

As usual the idealistic euphoria endures for a few days, then reality sets in with a variety of speculations, regarding Jack, his party, Canadian politics. 

Have you noticed the flap over "Canadian Pricing" by some US retailers with stores in Canada. In an age of social media it should take seconds to bring pricing disparities to the attention of retailers. Instead we keep on reading the same excuses over and over. In the meantime, yes the retail landscape is losing momentum in Canada, and yes the Canadian consumer is carrying an appreciable load of "credit".

You surely have noticed, or will notice that Lloyd Robertson did his final newscast, its a great opportunity for CTV to refresh their evening you think they will?

We had a unique opportunity to drive in the Canadian Prairies (the beginning of the Prairies) with a vehicle that we had reviewed, totally cool experience, the "flatness" of the landscape is initially disconcerting. We are working on a quick story for next week. The folks in that area have a saying "Its so flat that if your dog runs away, you can watch it run for 3 days".

In case you missed it, the Ford Panther platform has reached the end of the road at St.Thomas...what was special about the Panther platform? P71 Crown Vics (cop cars) and the Lincolns doing livery duty. 

August sales...Toyota is regaining its mojo, BMW is not blinking this year, Honda what do you expect them to say...

A bunch of old F1

Have a wonderful long week end...




With Labor Day on the immediate horizon...yes the Dog Days of Summer are done, with the post summer reality setting in...starting to make itself felt. 

Towards the end of the month Strada will celebrate its 5th anniversary, anyone that would have told us that what started out as a fun project would endure for 5 know the answer. Last year we shared our thoughts on our 4th What will we do this year? No idea yet...working on it...

"Realities" that caught our attention during the summer...


  • Social Media has lost that "special feeling".
  • Financial markets will continue their erratic (choppy) behavior?
  • Auto sales in Canada...will remain conservative to the end of the year.
  • Folks will seek to increase their positive cash flow, while curbing lines of credit.
  • Uncertainty will persist...upholding a sense of unease for many.
  • The leadership vacuum will persist.
  • More than ever you need to be your own editor.
  • Have we finally exported our "middle class".
  • Can "Boomers" truly retire like their parent did a generation before? 

What do you think?






Go for a ride...very cool.



Back Soon

Perhaps you have been wondering "How come no reviews recently?" Good observation, yes we have not done reviews during the past few months...

Looks like we took a break...we sure did.

We mentioned that The Colonel was occupied with different projects that required completion. As well we were becoming somewhat jaded....jaded?

There are a lot of darn good vehicles on the market.

Yes when vehicles start feeling the same, driving the same...a case of perhaps too much of the same. We felt it was perhaps a good idea to simply step away from reviewing vehicles for a period of time.

Sure you can say "The Colonel was busy...thats why you guys did it...."

It did a lot of good to "The Crew" (editorial team) to take a break from reviewing vehicles...

If you missed our Review, it will provide insight as to how we started doing reviews, and why we do reviews. Obvious that we are in a position to start, and stop as we wish, we are not obligated by publishing dealines, its our publication.

The "hiatus" as been beneficial, and we will be back soon....very soon!