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What Matters Now

Fascinating...thought provoking...time well spent...take a few will inspire your thoughts for 2010.

Comments from Bill Taylor one of the participant...priceless.




New Year / Decade

Its the first day of the New Year and Decade. We don't know about you, but we are happy to have concluded 2009. Not that it was all bad, there were several wonderful moments, although in general there was a cloud over 2009, with the occasional ray of sunshine piercing the cloud.

If you are involved in or with the auto industry there was never a dull moment, and never a lack of pundits to express an opinion.

As we have all been reset in 2009, and seek a new normal in the New Year / Decade.

What will we do at Strada in 2010? 

  • We will "Energise you Automotive Experience" follow us, participate with us, it will be energetic. You will enjoy your time, and we will provoke your thoughts.
  • Our blog entries are "Thought Factory", we will share our thoughts with you, and encourage you to share your thoughts too.
  • As you know our mission statement is "Passion in everything that we do. We don't follow, we lead", and by now you know that we have our own distinctive perspective. 
  • Not to brag, on many occasions we have been on the money, prescient, with our thoughts. We encourage you to read our blog on a regular (daily) basis. 
  • We never had all the answers, we never will, be assured we will provoke your thoughts.
  • Yes we will continue with the Vro0m Ro0m (by now you know that the last "o" is the year).
  • Our Welcome page contains the various ways that you can stay in touch with us.

We want to THANK all the folks that have taken the time to share their thoughts, express their opinions and participate. Its truly appreciated...a huge THANK YOU.


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